Your Natural Ability; A Cure to Unemployment


We are not limited as a nation or as an individual because of what we do not have but what we have but don’t know how to use it.

Everyone in this world was created to meet a need; just as our eyes were created to solve the sight need, our ears created for hearing and the list goes on, not until we discover the natural ability in us to solve a definite need, then the unemployment rate will keep rising.

“According to a report published by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on the number of underemployed in the labour force (those working but doing menial jobs not commensurate with their qualifications) increased by 1,109,551, that is from 15.9 million persons in the third quarter of 2016 to 17.03 million persons in the fourth quarter of 2016 and the unemployment rate in Nigeria rose to the highest rate since 2009 as it went from 3.5 million to 11.547 million in 2016”_ sourced from

The government is trying to solve the unemployment challenge from outside in, whereas it should be from inside out, rather than gathering applicants from every part of the country to train them in a particular field, I would prefer we focus on the natural abilities of the different states down to their local government areas. What are they good at, some states are very good in fashion design, others are skilled craftsmen, just to name a few. The government should focus on the 774 local government areas to discover what each of them are good at and develop it to international standard, The government can always contact us for more details on how to solve the unemployment challenge from inside out.

A statement credited to the senior special assistant to the president on job creation, Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede; said that in just 5 days, the application for the N-power job 2017 exceeds the whole of 2016 with 750,000 entries when it was open June 14, 2017 while the applications for the previous year were got during the two and half months when it was open, and from all this application the government would restrict herself to the recruitment of 300,000 graduates_sourced from

All this statistics are mind blowing, it is clear that more works needs to be done to put more people in jobs. So what is the solution to this problem? The answer is discovering your natural ability to solve a specific need.

There are three ways to discover your natural abilities
We will be discussing on how to discover your abilities on two bases; firstly as a nation and secondly as an individual.

Look at what you are good at:
What comes naturally to you? What do you do without thinking? What do you love? Look out for things that interest you, pay attention to what other people might have noted about you; ask your family, your friends, your teachers or coaches to help you figure out what you make looks easy. These is where we come in if you are having difficulty either as a state or an individual in identifying the areas that you are good at, see our details below and contact us.
As a nation, the different states of the federation should identify what they are very good at,
While as an individual you should identify those things that you find really easy to do while others may be struggling through it. Focus on things that you enjoy doing even if you will not be paid for.

Look at where your money is going into:
Note what you spend money on, pay attention to what you are saving money to buy; your core values are closely linked with what you spend your money on. As a nation we must focus on what the citizens are spending their money on, what are they importing on large quantities? What are they consuming heavily on a daily basis?

What are the needs you wish to solve:
What are the needs you see around that you wish you could do something about it? As a nation what are those things that when we see been imported into the nation we would say to ourselves that we can produce it internally; is a clue that we have the ability to produce it.

Developing your natural ability
Discovering your ability is just the start of the journey, you need to develop it, work on and profit from it. This is the most important part of natural ability, you need to learn how to refine the ability, make it marketable, invest in training, self development. Get mentors and coaches. Discovering your talent is not enough but you need to learn how to profit from it, attend seminars, workshop, conferences, read books. The fastest way to develop your skill is to get a mentor, someone who is already successful in the area you are looking at.
Our goal is to build and develop the human capacity of the nation one citizen at a time.

– Olodu keonyedi – is a business coach and human capacity development consultant, Email: Tel: 08037489704