Campaign Promises



One cynical friend nailed it on the head. He asserted loudly to this reporter’s hearing that over 90 per cent of all promises made during election campaigns are merely lies told to sway the gullible electorate into voting the ‘best liars’ into power. Although this reporter begs to differ on the actual percentage of lies, there is no clear-cut data to disprove the cynic’s assertions.

During the hectic months before the last general elections in April 2015, the then ruling administration basked in the assurance of victory because an incumbent government at the national level had never been defeated at the polls in the history of this great country. However, the weary electorate simply decided to settle for ‘change’ and voted massively to bring a new government into power; a feat previously unheard of in the annals of history.

Now the ruling administration is over two years in the saddle, and most of the campaign promises made back then in 2015 now appear to be white lies told to garner votes for victory; particularly the issue of zero tolerance for corruption in high and low places in the corridors of power, a cause which was championed by the present leader PMB, a man who has been described severally as incorruptible.

However, many are now wont to call out the current leader of over 170 million citizens of Nigeria, despite his attempts to fight corruption, which is the most resistant scourge of development.

This stance is based on the number of unresolved corruption case files currently lying before the president involving highly-placed members of his cabinet. And if truth be told, until these cases are resolved to public expectation, those famous words about killing corruption will remain mere campaign promises…sad fact

– Abimbola Akosile