DJ Cuppy and Tekno Give Us the Green Light!


Million dollar hit?

  •  Billionaire magnate, Femi Otedola’s heiress releases hit music single

Lyricism and charm make Ifeoluwa Otedola a.k.a DJ Cuppy, an artiste to love. Her artistry is pure genius, the kind of electrifying smarts that no mortal element can tame. Having established herself as no hostage to fortune, the heiress of billionaire magnate, Femi Otedola’s expansive fortune, further emphasises her brilliance and presence in the music industry courtesy, ‘Green Light,’ her first official single. Featuring award-winning artist, Tekno, ‘Green Light’ is an enthralling Afrobeats melody that will no doubt command rave reviews and ceaseless airplay in clubs, broadcast stations and DJ circuits. The single is projected to rule music charts across the world.

Widely acknowledged as the leading female DJ in Nigeria, Cuppy is a familiar name across the music scene, having successfully gained recognition both in Nigeria and overseas; however, with her new single, she reveals a completely different perspective to her artistry and brand. Green Light, a certified hit, co-stars Tekno, the brain behind one of the biggest Afrobeats global hits last year, “Pana,” a bouncy beat to which DJ Cuppy lends her smooth tones and artistry. With her musical talent, Cuppy is already known as a gifted DJ and creative, but ‘Green Light’ ushers her into the world of daring vocalist, brilliant songwriter, and producer. The catching resonance of Cuppy’s new release truly enthralls, captivating her fans, critics and music enthusiasts, all alike to varied states of pleasure and exaltation.

First samplers of the single, enthused that it will be an unprecedented favourite in Afrobeat playlists around the world. DJ Cuppy, despite her father’s stupendous wealth, and the comfort of a billion dollar fortune, seeks to prosper by her own merit. The young adult would rather command the applause of listening peer and succeed by her own merit. Wearing her beauty like a satin bow, she engages in feverish pursuit of her dreams, with the determination of a huntsman seeking to catch tiger cubs by trashing the tiger’s lair. One of the heiresses to Otedola’s Forte Oil conglomerate, she understands perfectly that in the pursuit of dreams, even if her strength should fail her, her boldness will excite praise.