El-Rufai: Kaduna Will Support Buhari in 2019

Kaduna state governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai
Kaduna state governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai
  • Bugaje, others lead new northern group, question president’s change agenda

John Shiklam in Kaduna

Governor Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna State declared saturday in Kaduna, the state capital, that the leadership of the ruling All Progressives Congress in the North-west state had resolved to support President Muhammadu Buhari ‘s re-election in 2019.

El-rufai made the declaration during a town hall meeting organised by the government to get the people’s inputs for the 2018 budget.

However, on the same day in Kaduna, a new northern group, Arewa Initiative for Good Governance, alleged that the Buhari administration had not delivered the change it promised Nigerians two years after coming to power. AIGG made the allegation during the inauguration of its officials and presentation of its charter. It said the country had not experienced meaningful development in the last two decades, as “every cycle of elections leaves us worse than the previous one.”

Proclaiming the Kaduna APC’s determination to work for Buhari’s victory, el-Rufai said, “We in Kaduna State, our party leadership, have come out clearly to say that Kaduna is for Buhari come 2019, if God wills. And he shall be victorious again.

“So I urge you to continue to pray for him, for God to continue to grant him good health so that he can continue in office to continue his good and just governance.”

Though, Buhari has not announced his intention to seek a second term, El-rufai has been canvassing for his re-election, and has repeatedly slammed those opposed to another term in office for the President. He recently took on the Minister of Women Affairs, Aisha Alhassan, who declared that she would support former Vice President Atiku Abubukar in 2019 even if Buhari runs.

Meanwhile, a new northern group, AIGG, questioned Buhari’s change agenda, saying Nigeria’s democracy is not producing leaders that can foster security, prosperity, and development. The group said, “The nation is further sinking into the abyss of underdevelopment” on Buhari’s watch.

Members of the group include former political adviser to ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo, Dr. Usman Bugaje; leader of a faction of the ruling APC in Kaduna State, Mataimaki Tom Maiyashi; and former Secretary to the Government of Plateau State, Sylvanus Lot. Others are Dr. Kabiru Tsafe, Hajiya Amina Ladan Baki, and Dr. Yima Sen.

The group, in its charter read by Sen, said poverty had deepened and become entrenched in the face of enormous oil revenue while corruption had become endemic and systemic, “defying even regimes that rode to power on the crest of fighting corruption.”

It decried, “The eroding of societal values, how the economy has been underperforming, pauperising the masses, fuelling crime and insurgencies; how the teeming jobless youth have been abandoned with no hope on the horizon; how the millions of out-of-school-children have been ignored as their numbers keep swelling; how governance has been reduced to prebendal politics; and how our political parties, especially their leadership recruitment mechanisms, keep churning out incompetent, irresponsible and corrupt leaders.”

AIGG said the society was being consumed by a dangerous political culture that seems endlessly predicated on pecuniary considerations, violence, and sundry crimes.

According to AIGG, “This rogue political culture has calibrated our leadership recruitment mechanism in our political system to produce inept and clueless leaders who only know how to swindle the electorate and loot their treasuries dry. All projections on this trajectory are indicating that we are heading to a failed state and a failed society as evident by the rising and horrifying social conflicts and violence.

“Some studies by international analysts have been setting dates for our collapse as a nation. Now that our hope for rebirth after the heavily fought 2015 elections is yet to come to fruition, we must wake up from our slumber and complacency and salvage our society before it becomes too late.

“We further recognise that rather than continue to curse the darkness, it is better that we light a candle, in other words, we stop agonising and start organising.”

The group said, “We have resolved to conscientise, recruit and mobilise all the good men and women, in and out of politics, in the public and private sectors, young and old, from every tribe and religion, from every walk of life, together into one platform in order to create the critical mass, move en masse in one direction and ensure that the flawed leadership recruitment mechanism in our political system is remedied.

“This we also agree can work best when we are able to create a grassroots movement that can mobilise the whole society for this reform, very much like previous anti-democratic struggles.

“Thus, this movement must resonate with the concerns of the wider society and articulate the solutions in clear terms that define the role of every stratum of society.

“We, therefore, commit ourselves to participate in this process of a political rebirth with all our strength and understanding, to move together into a carefully considered political platform to ensure that our political life is reformed to produce conscientious, competent and courageous leaders that will be guided by the fundamental principles of democracy, accountability and responsible leadership for the moral, social, political and economic development of our country.

“We pledge our honour, dignity, and integrity that we shall give this mission the uttermost priority and will not allow partisan political considerations or any personal interests to stand in our way. So help us God!”

  • E.Udah

    Hell-Rufia’s only concern for pushing buhari for 2019, is his political future. Many of them rode to power on buhari’s popularity. If Buhari fails to recontest many of them will lose out abysmally!
    APC will not get the popular “Buhari’s 11million” assured votes! This is the cross of the matter.
    They don’t care if he is fit or not medically.

  • ifobd

    El Rufai is a CROOK. He knows PMB will not contest in 2019 but he wants to be the person PMB endorses for president.

    With or without PMB El Rufai will NEVER be Nigerian president. Such an evil man.

  • Mazi JO

    The President has several issues to clear. Paramount among them, is his health condition. the office of the Presidency is no fluke. It requires manifest energy, wisdom, love of Country and several other must have qualities, health being the base. The president knows this, the reason he is looking at the re-election event with a bigger binoculars. For them that will jump the gun on his behalf, please consider the above rigors and spare him a very important personal decision. We want he succeeds and continue his program but not with the incessant breaks of the last two years and of course his precious life. All told, hes has to say it along his doctors certification: That he can take the battering of another term in office.

  • Igho D Amazing

    He’s ur aboki thiefmate so u have every reasons to support him!

  • Samson Judah

    Hehehe…its obvious elrufai is truly out of touch with reality as evident in his skewed governance in Kaduna, perhaps their 97% idea will make it possible but we will see.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Would illiterate Buhari have manufactured certificates by then? We are waiting for him.

    • Adeola

      Why not call on the professors from your family to come out and contest with him. Always an idiot

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        Your parents are imbeciles. You are a moron.

  • vic




  • Uhualaowere Umudim

    That proposition equals suffering in perpetuity but GOD forbid bad thing.

  • Mystic mallam

    I voted for President Buhari in 2015. I know it was only one vote, but it meant so much for me. My vote was based on his much vaunted integrity, but I don’t know about that anymore. If that integrity ever existed, it has suffered irreparable erosion through manifest acts of commission and omission ranging from overt nepotism, petty discrimination, selective justice and injustice, obstinate resistance to inevitable change, recession of democratic values we assumed entrenched, further polarisation of the ethnic divides, and an arrogant display of ignorance on economic affairs. Now, I’m sure that I couldn’t in good conscience, possibly vote for Buhari again, and I know that I am not the only one among his voters of 2015 that feels this way. President Buhari may have a plausible excuse for his abysmal performance in office, totally reminiscent of 1984/5 – his ill health – but that should also be a plausible reason for him to not run again. If in spite, the APC presents him again, they may win, but they won’t be winning a popular victory as they did in 2015, they will be winning a contrived, manipulated victory – such is always pyrrhic victory.

    • princegab

      Thanks very much for your comment. The 2015 victory has turned pyrrhic as we speak. God forbid we have pmb again. Apc is probably greasing her rigging machine to present pmb for reelection, but will fail.

  • remm ieet

    El Rufai has fully transformed into a political turncoat now. The same Abuja administrator of the Obasanjo years now struggle to find his feet, in what is supposed to be an atmosphere for a genuinely pluralistic polity
    El Rufai politics has metamorphosed from Stalinism to Mr Bean

  • Political Affey

    This is an open goal for PDP.

  • Daniel Obior

    el Rufai and his Kaduna surely will support any donkey or even a corpse in 2019, provided it is from the north. That is the brand of politics played by born to rule exponents.

  • Arabakpura

    Forbid it Almighty God that Gen Buhari should seek re-election in 2019! You have already shown him enough kindness to the detriment of Nigerians!

  • Chuma Anierobi

    People must grow up always to look at situations logically. People must be able to know when progress is made in the land. General statements never help. Nigerians must destroy the caliphate for the nation to move forward.Any one looking at the country through the bible or the quran is not a friend of the land.

  • Shehu Zarewa

    Another group of disgruntled and expired politicians with no electoral value.

    • Chuma Anierobi

      Are you happy with where we are today is the question. Insulting people does not answer the question.

      • Ola

        I am very happy with where we are today. All of our lapses are being exposed and the present government is dealing with them as much as it is possible.
        We need to more productive people , to be able to feed ourselves and stop blaming Buhari or a government that is just been in power for 2 years for all our woes.
        Is it Buhari that made Nigerians lovers of imported goods where our foreign exchange gets drained and we are top market for some of the most expensive champagne and cars in the world.
        Yet we can’t feed ourselves. Fake people, we are always quick to blame somebody else for our problem.

        • Chinedu Collins

          Good for you, then continue with your happiness and forget others

          • Ola

            No one is forgetting others, but they should join hands so that we can all build a better country rather than reading everything the government does as a bias against one group or another.

        • Samson Judah

          No, we expect a leader with good foresight to act with precision and objectivity during recession not to leave things to work itself without timing. What about his cabinet? Are they working under target, whats their achievement or an excuse to lethargy due to sentimental leadership? What have they contributed so far? Its A SHAME all we can see after all this is such leadership then the problem of this country is actually the people too….low expectations-similar to numbness of mind.

          • Ola

            You spend too much time speaking Grammar rather than being Productive.

            That, I think is the problem. What do you mean by “are they working under target?”

        • Kola Koleola

          You must be from outer space buddy.

          • Ola

            No Sir !!!! This is the beauty of democracy, we both live in the same country but see things differently. There shouldn’t be any problems with that.
            Our goal should be on how to make our country better for all instead of trying to condemn everything in the polity just because of a wrong perception of others.

          • Kola Koleola

            No sir, this is no Democracy..I tell you what ….though I believe in your goal. Nevertheless with due respect, you’re a simpleton

          • Ola

            Can you tell us which country is practising true democracy or what you call a democracy.

    • Ola

      Don’t mind them my brother. When was the last time any one of these clowns (always looking for relevance) won an election?
      The are always quick to form one useless group and ascribe some importance to themselves.