Ooni of Ife’s Ex-Wife, Queen Zynab, Shines


  In the past weeks, the media has been awash with the story of the crashed marriage of the Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi to Zynab.

When the woman of substance, who is now addressed as Queen Zynab, decided to walk out of the marriage, many could not fathom the reason for her action. Many had sneered at her, thinking that she might eventually go into obscurity.

 But recent developments may have proved her critics wrong, as she seems to have put the doleful experience behind her.

Indeed,  her fans could not have been  happier when she participated at the recently held 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly,  where she was  endowed with the “Humanitarian of the Year” award from “Kechie’s Project” at an event during the UNGA week for her outstanding contributions to women and children across the globe.

 It will be recalled that she was also part of the United Nations delegates to a conference in New York, United States in April, where she shared her views on ‘Safeguarding and protecting the endangered cultural heritage in time of conflict.

 The beautiful lady has remained focused and has not allowed the misfortune of her short-lived marriage weigh her down, as she continues with her humanitarian services

 Humble and respectful, Queen Zynab never trivialises the teachings of the holy Bible, which include that the rich should be a source of joy to the needy.  In fact, it is said that her philosophy of life is deeply rooted in the aphorism that wealth is nothing if it cannot be used for the advancement of society and mankind.

  • OUSCA2007

    This Day 🤷🏿‍♂️❓
    What is this? As the other comment entry stated, what’s the basis?
    Plus she can’t be “Queen blah blah” it’s not a substantive title such as the “Queen of England” etc
    What and when did she do her “humanitarian” work?
    Now, for clarification… I have nothing against the woman, I don’t know her, but from what is public about her available socialife history, she should never have been the first & official wife / Consort of the Ọ̀ọ̀nì in the first place….
    What I do know is, the propagation machinery of feminism, new age morals and anti traditionalist orchestrations will invariably and ultimately jump on her as a vehicle to further their own agenda….. Of which it seems you “This Day” are a part as a “mouthpiece” / “launchpad” …….. 🤷🏿‍♂️Que❓

  • Angry Niaja

    Total balderdash, this is PR first and foremost, she lost the title Queen when her marriage to the Ooni of Ife crashed, also please bear in mind that the Yoruba Kingdom has Olori, not queen, this woman only started her NGO or whatever you call it last year, 2016, or more rightly this year, so how on earth did they come out with “the Humanitarian of the year Award”, could you please list what she has done to deserve this award, just like our usual Nigerian factor of influencing all manners of awards, she got elected for this award due to her relationship with the Ooni, too late to withdraw the award and she went along to collect it.

    There are a hundreds more far deserving humanitarians in Nigeria, please Punch stop promoting mediocrity