Nigerian Youth Wins ‘Attorney of the Year’ at African Legal Award 2017


A young Nigerian attorney, Adaku Ufere, has won the ‘Attorney of the Year’ in this year’s edition of the African Legal Awards. The African Legal Awards recognises exceptional achievements from within Africa’s legal community, and is hosted by Legal Week (organisers of the British Legal Awards), in association with the Corporate Counsel Association of South Africa (CCASA). Ufere was selected from thousands of entries across the African continent. She is the youngest ever, and first Nigerian winner of the Attorney of the Year award.

Ufere is a graduate of Law from the University of Nigeria. She also bagged a Second Class Honours Upper Division grade from the Nigeria Law School, Abuja, before proceeding to the University of Aberdeen in Scotland for her Master’s Degree in Law, where she specialised in Oil and Gas Law.

Born into the largely academic family of Chief and Chief Mrs. Kingsley Ufere, from Arondizuogu in Ideato North Local Government Area of Imo State, Ufere is an international oil and gas lawyer and is Head of the Energy Practice at the Pan African Law firm, the Centurion Law Group with its Headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. Only last year she received an award as one of the 40 under 40 Leading Lawyers in Nigeria at the Nigerian Legal Awards 2016, which held at the Civic Centre in Victoria Island, Lagos.

  • henry price

    comrades I have niece who became American attorney. I feel very much for this young lady like I do her. i hope she is satisfied working in legal industry but I believe it is such a waste. They would have made such great physicians. Women who adapt to law on their own usually are capable of working essential professions above legal profession such as medical profession which obligate perception of changing steps plus stages.. Law is complicated or i made complicated only where there is corruption thus, is not in need of keen perception required to discern steps plus stages working like those of human body. Very much sincere, Henry Price Jr. aka Obediah Buntu Il-Khan aka kankan aka Gue.

  • John Dre

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    • omodafididafidi

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      • John Dre

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  • Deep Diver

    Good for you, pretty Lioness. Please carry on

  • John Dre

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  • Tony Ezeifedi

    Under Buhari, she will never see the light of the day. Congrats, Baby.

  • henry price

    comrades I congratulate Attorney Adaku Ufere on her victory. I guess somebody have to manage law but I would prefer to see Africa’s minds which are very good at solving problems working at one of fields of engineering or medical industry where there actions would be of physical benefit in a manner besides social change. It seem like such a waste. Law is overrated plus was promoted to such status by western civilization to accommodate lazy individuals plus give them a place of honor. Lawyers seldom if ever build nations. Law appear to be a con game with judges plus lawyers being controlling forces. At best they contribute to social change which anyone with a problem solving mind could do. However, my opinion on lawyers may be fueled by bad treatment in contradiction of law I have received in America. Very much sincere, Henry Price Jr. aka Obediah Buntu IL-Khan aka Kankan aka Gue.

  • Amadi Augustine

    ADAKU UFERE, the pride of the Black race. Congratulations

  • 4T2

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    May the Grace of the Lord of merit, guide you and fulfil you in your career and endeavours IJN.

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    • KWOY

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      • Ade Whenu

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        • KWOY

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          • Ade Whenu

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    • Darcy

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  • omodafididafidi

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    • John Dre

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      • omodafididafidi

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  • Netanyahu

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    • John Dre

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  • ychukwuka

    May you shine brighter Adaku. keep soaring!