Senator Misau Accuses IG of Impregnating Serving Policewoman, Having Affairs with Two Others

Isah Hamman Misau
  •  Senate constitutes panel to probe police boss over lawmaker’s allegations

Damilola Oyedele in Abuja

The Senate wednesday constituted a seven-man ad hoc committee to investigate allegations of massive corruption and misappropriation of budgeted funds, levelled against the Inspector General of Police (IG), Mr. Ibrahim Idris.

The decision followed a point of order raised by Senator Isah Hamman Misau (Bauchi Central) who accused the police IG of corruption, running a ‘bribe for promotion and for special deployment’ scheme, having sexual relations with his subordinates and other weighty accusations.

The committee is chaired by Deputy Chief Whip of the Senate, Senator Francis Alimikhena (Edo North).

Misau, who retired in 2010 as a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and the police were recently embroiled in a public spat after the lawmaker in an interview, accused Idris of pocketing at least N10 billion monthly, from providing police protection to oil companies and private individuals.

The police dispelled Misau’s claims and also claimed that the lawmaker deserted the force, and was declared wanted. The police later recanted on the position.

But Misau yesterday expressed his readiness to submit documentary evidence to back his various claims of corruption, misappropriation and other unscrupulous activities of the IG.

“By virtue of the constitution, police are not a revenue generating organisation, they are not meant to generate revenue. But all over the federation, we are aware that oil companies, banks, oil servicing companies and private individuals pay money to police every month. We know it. It is an open secret everybody knows about. To even make it worse, sometimes you will see people of dubious character and businessmen suspected to be involved in fraudulent activities in Lagos and Port Harcourt blaring siren with convoys of policemen,” Misau alleged.

Misau added that the manner of administration of the police by Idris has caused indiscipline in the force and has caused crime to be on the increase.

“Most of the things happening today are because of indiscipline and lack of leadership in the police. You will see kidnappings everywhere. He is undermining the biggest institution that is supposed to protect democracy and us.

“More than 100,000 policemen right now are serving in oil companies and oil servicing companies, and payments are made. By the United Nations’ standard, one policeman should be for 400 people but in Nigeria, one policeman is to 800 people. Even with that, you will find out that one businessman or oil marketer is having about 30 policemen, thereby depleting the ratio we are already in shortage of.

“On the issue of special promotion by the IG and the Police Service Commission (PSC), it is in the open. The rank goes with responsibility and it goes with money because it leads to increase in salary and allowances.”

“It has even gone worse. The IG is having relationships with two policewomen, who he promoted under special promotion. One of them is Aminat and the other is a DSP. The IG last month got married to that woman but under the police service rules and regulations, you cannot marry a serving officer unless the person retires. He quickly did a secret wedding in Kaduna because the lady was four months pregnant.

“I am saying all these because of the institution, because we have so many excellent officers who are now demoralised; who are now frustrated because of the activities of the IG. When it comes to appointment of police commissioners, the IG decided to have his own boys who are just Assistant Commissioners of Police. He will give them special promotion to Deputy Commissioner of Police,” Misau added.

The lawmaker reiterated that he can verify all his claims against the police boss.
“Special promotion is not in the police service rules and the police are guided by the police service rule. The reason they created special promotion is to get favour from governors and president, so that they can pave way for them and can get access to many things,” Misau added.

Presiding, Senate President, Bukola Saraki, said the allegations raised by Misau are ‘important issues’ which cannot be swept under the carpet.

“I think for most of us, the most important issue is how to reform our institutions and how to fight corruption. The basis of all these started on the issue of bribery and promotion exercise involving the IG, and I think they are weighty enough to be investigated,” Saraki said.

He also directed the Committee on Ethics to investigate allegations that Misau deserted the police force.

  • josvinco

    Senator Misau appears to understand the modus operandi in our decayed Police. He is quiet confident in what he is saying. This IG, a mediocre was appointed over well educated career officers. I am glad the Senate has finally constituted a panel to probe him. Our police must no longer be body guards to business men or ” big men”, these people should employ the services of security firms and let our police serve the vulnerable and the society at large.

  • Arabakpura

    Why can’t I be the IG? The fringe benefits are just too much!

  • henry price

    comrades where are mechanisms that check government departments managing funds exceeding a designated amount ? If they or it existed with awards for uncovering costly irregularities or/ plus punishment for facilitating those irregularities it would do seemly immeasurable damage to corrupt officials ability to steal funds which should be providing jobs or/plus living assistance to non rich Buntu of Nigeria. Common sense approach duly organized, applied plus enforced is in Nigeria plus Africa short plus long term best interest. Very much sincere, Henry Price Jr. aka Obediah Buntu IL-Khan aka Kankan aka Gue.

  • Haruna Daniels

    There are two issues I see in this article:
    1- Some weeks ago, the police claimed Senator Misau’s deserted the force, and was declared wanted. The police later recanted. If they knew he did not desert, why make such claims? And now that the police has recanted, who is being held responsible for that silly claim? Can the police just accuse someone of wrongdoing, only to turn around to admit it was wrong- and nothing happens, nobody is held responsible? It was simply swept under the carpet and life goes on.

    2- Sometime ago, Senator Shehu Sani said, when the Presidency fights corruption in other arms of government, it uses insecticide but when fighting corruption within the presidency, it uses deodorant. I think the Senate does same. The Senate Committee on Ethics now wants to look into the accusations against the IG, Where was the Ethics Committee when Senator Abba Bukar Ibrahim’s video with 2 ladies in a room went viral? Maybe the Committee on Ethics was not existing then? Or maybe that act was seen as honorable, so no need for the Ethics Committee to look into it? They Senate did nothing about it and life goes on.

    Senator Abba Ibrahim was a governor in Yobe State. He instituted the Sharia Legal Code in the state. If Abba Ibrahim were a truck pusher or an okada rider in Damaturu, he probably would have been prosecuted and the punishment for adultery under the Sharia law would have been meted on him.
    But no, Abba Ibrahim is a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He was seen pants down- and he even admitted it. Then he asked, “I was with a girl, how is that anybody’s business?” It is ironic those who could not do anything about their colleague are now sanctimoniously sitting in judgment against the IG! I do not support the IG’s alleged crimes, but he who comes to equity must come with clean hands. If the Senate’s Ethics Committee wants to investigate the IG, I think it should investigate Senator Abba Ibrahim also. Anything less than that is hypocrisy and double standards.

    But unfortunately, we all know that Nigeria, hypocrisy and double standards are triplets…

    • mgbonese

      My bro, you are completely on point and have stated the obvious, let them come to equity with clean hands.

  • MDG2020

    Any Institution a hausa/foolani man head, is DEAD on arrival.
    Name them and form your own opinion.
    Truth is bitter.

    • Haruna Daniels

      “A man is a man; and a race is a race”. I quoted that from Segun Adeniyi’s piece today.

      I find it a bit funny when an entire tribe, race or religion is condemned by the acts of a few. I am from Kebbi State, married to an Onitsha woman. If I or my wife thinks like you, we probably would not have gotten married. But I did not judge her by what I hear about Igbos, neither did she judge me by what she heard of Hausas. My mother is an Ijebu woman from Ogun State. They got married in 1966 and had me in 1968, during the civil war. My mother did not judge my father as a Hausa man. Neither did my father judge her as Yorubas were judged in those days.

      I am an architect. I was once commissioned to pick a developer from a group of 12 for a project in Abuja. I went through the 12 profiles and I interviewed all of them before picking who I believed was the BEST based on MERIT. I made my submission and the client turned it down. Why? The company I picked belonged to an Igbo man. The chairman of the company (the client) is “foolani”, as you call them.

      He said he could NEVER do business with Igbos because “They are ALL fraudulent”. I always wonder, why do we generalize like this? How many Igbos do we have? How many has Alhaji done business with that made him come to that conclusion? Probably less than 0.01%. Yet, he could say “ALL IGBOS ARE FRAUDULENT”
      I have heard my folks say an Igbo man would never be President. Why? I ask. Are they not Nigerians? “When they got the Senate Presidency, see how they turned it into a game of musical chairs! We had several of them taking turns- Enwerem, Okadigbo, Anyim, Nnamani, etc. Imagine what they would do to the Presidency if they get there.” These prejudices cut across, and it is NOT right. Nobody has a monopoly of Nigeria.
      We accuse the white man of racism, yet Americans voted an Obama as President. That made me realize we are more tribalistic than the white man is racist. It is a big shame on us as blacks that we still do this to each other in 2017!

      It is unfortunate you look at the world through damaged eyes. You owe yourself the duty to clear your mind of all bias, hate and prejudice. You need to shut down and reboot.

      You can be better than this.
      Thank you.

      • Pot and kettle

        Good contribution. Well done.

      • Akaraka

        A confluence of mixed stock you are. Hausa, Yoruba and strong Igbo affiliation, such is obtained in many Nigerian families but then why are we so polarized along the lines of ethnicity.

        • Haruna Daniels

          We are polarized because we refuse to THINK. Nobody chose his parents, gender, tribe, race or color. Most of us did not choose our religion too. We just follow what our parents pass down to us.

          I once asked a friend who said he was a Christian, “When did you become one?” He said, “I was born in a Christian home, so I am a Christian!” (You can substitute CHRISTIAN for MUSLIM in this story). I told him, “If you were born in a garage, does that make you a car?”

          We are all accidents of birth. The learn prejudice. We can unlearn it. No tribe is better or more important than the other. We need each other to be a nation. Until we realize this, we will continue this stupid polarization and prejudice.

          One thing I am happy for- our children, the leaders of tomorrow do not have this mind-set, despite our strong desire to infuse it into them. They will enjoy a better Nigeria.
          Thank you.

      • Cleansignorance

        You just one conciecious individual in 100 million among the Hausa/Fulani/Muslim and your type are few and sparce. If even half of the Northern Hausa/Fulani/Muslims, had a mindset as your’s, Nigeria would not have been one of the most peaceful Countries on earth, but one of the developed, because you based your selection for Job, soley on competence and merit. Your assertions in your comments about your Dad haveing married a Yoruba Woman and now, you too married an Onitsha Woman is further proof and assurance that, a fruit does not fall too far from it’s tree. The Future belongs you and only those who have similar mindset, and virtues. Simply look past a person ethnicity or religious affiliations and interact with the person as a human being, that makes the Word peaceful and much easier to live in………..But my dear friend, Hausa/Fulani/Jihadists like Muhammadu Buhari, will not permit us Southerners, to have this fair-mindedness towards Northerners that you wish we do. Buhari has over done it. Na small small them de put san-san for blind man garri make im no know. But Buhari has mixed 3 mudu’s of sand into our one bowl of garri in the south, Even as blind as we seem to be, we cannot help but notice that, we are eating sand instead of garri. It is too much sand from the Hausa/Fulani Hegemonist and we are tired, NIGERIA MUST BREAK-UP, SO EACH SECTION CAN TAKE THEIR DESTINIES IN THEIR OWN HANDS.

        May the good Lord bless and protect you and your family Richly and continually, wherever you may be. Nigeria’s disintegration is inevitable. The Hausa/Fulani caused it, Muhammadu Buhari excersbated it, so, We ND/SS & the SE must break away from Arewa. We simply cannot remain in the same Country with them,because , The Northern Hausa/Fulani insatiable taste for light sweet crude oil alone, coupled with the fact that they have deliberately refused to educate their youths, is not a strong enough love to bind Nigeria together. Nigeria is already finished and only waiting to be burried. NO GOING BACK ON THAT.

        • Haruna Daniels


          About 25 years ago, I read a book by an American Preacher, D.L Moody. In the book, he wrote, When I appear in Heaven in front of my Maker and He asks me, “Why did you not fulfill your destiny? Why did you not complete the task I created you for?” God forbid I point to a HUMAN BEING as the reason and I say. “It is this guy’s fault!”


          Reading through your response to my earlier post, Buhari has become THE MAN to you. He is the reason you want Nigeria divided. When the Arewa Youth Coalition came out with their stupid deadline for Igbos to leave the North, they pointed to Nnamdi Kanu as their reason. “He was throwing too much insults at us! We had to react!” To the Arewa Youth Rascals, Nnamdi Kanu was THE MAN. It is very easy and normal to react to stimuli. But that is what separates us from animals. Joseph in the Bible could have reacted to his brothers who sold him as a slave. He chose not to. He could have reacted to Potiphar and his wife who sent him to prison. He did not. He could have reacted to the guy who forgot to talk to Pharaoh about him for 2 years. He did not.

          Nelson Mandela had every reason to react to the whites in South Africa. He chose not to.

          Buhari’s nepotism or jihadist tendencies are not big enough to make you hate the entire North. We are not all muslims, and not all muslims agree with his policies and principles.

          Like Michelle Obama said, “When they go low, we go high!”

          In a few years from now, that “light sweet crude oil” would become as worthless as sand. What happens then?
          Buhari is not your problem, Sir.
          Thank you.

          • Cleansignorance

            Thanks for your humane response to my comment Mr. Haruna. Fierst, with all due respect, I am a Female and I do get your point, about the guy who met God, and also Madiba Nelson Mandela’s humility, after being imprisoned for 27yrs. Permit to explain myself a bit here. I was raised in an orthodox Christian family and home, albeit with very well to do but humble Parents, by Nigerian standards. We were my siblings and I, were raised and trained to be humble, respectful to all, and never strike first under any condition and even if someone strikes us first, offer him/her the other cheek. That was my character, until age 15years, when I was shipped to the U.S to be Educated. Soon enough as I got to the U.S, I realized that turning the other cheek was only good during the time of Jesus our Lord, because when you offer the second cheek to the striker, they do walk away in shame and humility. However, in these cosmopolitan times, offering the other cheek, earns one, four or more slaps, as opposed to just 2. So, in the U.S, I quickly learnt to seize the hands that were raised to give me the first slap, and then give the aggressor 4 quick slaps, for good measure, so that he/she may not try that on someone else next time.

            To my pleasant amazement, fighting back and taking an eye for an eye, works like magic. Folks would say, if we keep taking an eye for every eye, the world would be filled with blind people………..Not true at all. The doctrine of eye for eye, helps the majority of mankind, to keep both eyes, because it dieters the majority of us from from taking another individual;s eye, knowing that, ours will be plucked as a consequence. You see, I am not only human, but I am fallible.

            As a kid growing up in Nigeria primary and secondary School, I was bullied so much, due to my parent’s status in society. Arriving in the U.S.A at age 15, I realized that, the American kids, were even more daring, although every one seem to be fromsimilar middle class families. I learnt to fight back, every inch of the way and it worked well for me. I never strike first, even till today. but if anyone struck me, then they have got a major nightmare in their hands. I don’t condone Bullies, and as you said, that not all Northerners supports Buhari’s nepotism, Why do we not hear their loud protests? Haruna, it is the Same story about terrorism around the world. Muslims never condemns nor protests it.

            However, the slightest incident with a Muslim by a Non Muslim, they all begin to scream, ISLAMOPHOBIA! And even when an inconsequential magazine or a Journalist draws a parody of Prophet Mohamed, Muslims around the World troops out in the millions, to protests and cause mayhem. My dear Brother, the world never held a conference to decide to hate on Muslims collectively. Muslims make them selves to be hated where-ever they may be in the World. Their actions speaks lauder than words, and it is never endearing. You may or not be a Muslim, it is irrelevant, because you are just a simple good person, who desires for mankind to get along. Some of us have been damaged too much, to begin to turn the other cheek again.

            Mr. Daniels, Pray that your loved one does not become a casualty, when a Jihadists goes to a nightclub and shoot 50 people dead, or a depraved individual drives a 40 tonne truck into a crowd in public, killing more than 100 people in 5mins, including innocent Women and Children. I have crossed the Rubicon and turning the other cheek is no longer for me, I will always fight and kill those who killed my loved ones innocently and ruined my life. When I meet my creator, he can do as he pleases with me.

          • Haruna Daniels

            Hello Madam,
            My takeaways from your post:
            1) You followed the teachings of Jesus to turn the other cheek till age 15 when you went to the US. You then discovered that Jesus’ teachings were archaic, not relative in these modern age. You discovered His ways are old school and there are better and more modern ways to do things. So you changed your core from the docile young lady to a fighter. Jesus must be dumb!

            2) You will kill those who kill your loved ones. When you appear before your creator, you will argue your case and justify why you murdered. When He asks you, “Why did you murder those people?” You will point to Osama Bin Laden or any other terrorist and blame him. “It is his fault!”

            3) You wrote, “Some of us have been damaged too much, to begin to turn the other cheek again” That is NOT true. Damage is a CHOICE. Let me ask: what damaged you? Have you been to prison for 27 years? Have you been raped, beaten and left for dead? Have you been lied against, set up and accused and found guilty of a crime you did not commit? I know people who went through all these- yet, they were not damaged. You can choose to live above these external stimuli. A friend of mine was home with her husband, when some visitors came. The husband later decided to go drop them at the nearest bus stop to take a bus home. He was murdered that night by armed robbers who went away with his vehicle. The murderers were caught a few days later. My friend went to meet them. She just asked them, “Why did yo do it? You took away my husband and the father of my 4 children for nothing.” They begged for forgiveness. She forgave them and even told the police she was not going to press charges. Unfortunately, the police told her she had no say in the matter. It was a capital offense and the police does not need her to press charges before prosecuting the murderers. She took her mind off them and left. When I ask her, “How is the case going?” she responds, “What case?” She has no idea. She is not following up and pulling strings to make sure those boys are executed.
            She has a balanced internal equilibrium. Nothing eternal can change that. Not even the murder of a loved one. You chose to be damaged. She chose not to be. It is all about choices, Sister.

            You must understand one hard fact: LIFE IS NOT FAIR. When you really internalize that, you will stop fighting and enjoy what you get out of life. How would you feel when you apply for a job and you are not given- but someone less competent gets it- because she is white? What would you do if your subordinate is given double promotion and becomes your superior- because he practices the same religion or comes from the same village as the MD? How much of these injustices can you really fight?

            I do not know how old you are, but someone in these times said, “When they go low, we go high”. And that was not Jesus’ teaching. It was Michelle Obama’s.
            That is my policy. That is my principle. I hope yours works for you. Time will tell.
            Thank you.

    • Peter O Peters

      Let us see how that of Kachikwu and NNPC Baru will end

      • Cleansignorance

        No need waiting, it will be swept under the carpet very swiftly while the Buhari’s Daura Jihadist cabal releases another huge fake story about fake Chibok girls being released by boko haram, or a new revelation about more billions of nonexistent dollars stolen and stashed in grave yards, by Diezani Alison Madueke. If all the above fails to grab and divert the public’s attention from Buhari’s corruption, and they are still fixated on the massive public funds looting happening in Buhari’s government, then, Buhari himself suddenly becomes gravely ill and needs to move to London and spend another 100 days+ in obscene luxury.

        This has always been Buhari’s style of governance since the inception of this Jihadist Janjaweed Fulani Administration. Throwing bones, to the people, just to distract them from being watchful. The same strategy armed robbers uses to distract guard dogs from attacking, when they invade a person’s property; It is part of TAQIYYA………Islamic sanctioned deception of Non- Muslims, by Muslims.

  • Jonathan

    That is what happens when mediocrity and nepotism overshadows appointments to offices in Nigeria instead of merit. i weep for Niga

  • JOHN

    If you have had anything to do with the police, you will confirm that the Nigeria Police stinks of terrible corruptions. The officers use their positions to extort innocent Nigerians. They will not do their jobs except they force money out of you. They lie and manipulate information through threats and other unprofessional means. They do not show the least responsibility. They are the worst corrupt institution in Nigeria today. The President must order the probe of the IG and let him account for the hundreds of billions of naira he has collected from those that have police protection. Otherwise, this regime shall be on record has a very corrupt regime. Imagine sexually harassing female police officers for them to enjoy their rights as police officers. He will deny and lie as usual but Nigerians know the truth.

  • But what is Nigeria senators waiting for , to see the IG performance with the nigeria policewoman and federal Government of Nigeria to see all the abuses and corruption with nigeria police force . But if all this , is happening why is federal government of nigeria and senators are so slack . Nigerians are you people seeing all what is happening in nigeria ,

  • xto

    The police is actually getting more corrupt. Conduct a self study in Abuja, etc. In Abuja, they collect bribes with inpunity. Do police remit money collected for traffic offences, but they set traps every where in Abuja just to frustrate road users. IG should sit up to his responsibilities.We need a better Nigerian police. We have the potentials to do better.

  • D-A-N-G-O-T-E-C-E-M-E-N-T