Fashola: Nigeria’s Electricity Law, One of World’s Best

Babatunde Fashola

Chineme Okafor in Abuja

The Minister of Power, Works, and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, has described Nigeria’s electricity reform law — the Electric Powers Sector Reform Act (EPSRA) — which was passed in 2005 by the National Assembly, as almost perfect and one of the best in the world.

Speaking during his opening remarks at the 2017 edition of the annual Power Africa Nigeria conference on Thursday in Abuja, Fashola said that there was nothing wrong with the law in its entirety but maybe its implementation by the government.

According to him, members of the National Assembly, who passed the law in 2005, did it with a great deal of commitment, recognising Nigeria’s need for a refrom in the power sector.

He also said that with the law, the business of power generation, transmission and distribution has been democratised and was now within the remits of both the federal and state governments to consider investing in.

“The EPSRA is a great piece of legislation that is comparable to any other in the world, and that law was put together by members of the National Assembly whom Nigerians elected as their representatives, and who committed to giving Nigeria a law to enable us develop our power sector,” said Fashola.

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  • moribund9ja

    This Fashola is just an idiot.
    Which electricity law is he talking about?
    Do you have electricity in Nigeria?
    You are making law for 3000megawatts.

    Nigeria should immediately start phasing out and grounding of the entire existing power plants in Nigeria. They are antiquated and moribund.

    Govt should contract mega power companies in Europe and America to come and modern power plants with modern technology in Nigeria.

    The existing power infrastructure in Nigeria are 40yrs with obsolete technology as well as poor capacities. They must be entirely phased out and replaced.

    Other countries with lesser population are generating tens of thousands of megawatts ..50, 60, 70, 80 thousand etc but 57 yrs down the road we are still talking about 3000megawatts in Nigeria, a population of over 150million!
    Israel is generating over 60 thousand mgwts … they are 8 million in population. South Africa about 60 thousand mgwts, 50 million people etc..

    We have enormous resources in Nigeria for excessive power generation..

    All that is needed is modern energy systems to power Nigeria.

    We have to start thinking big. Electricity is not a rocket science.
    Phase out the old power infrastructure in Nigeria and install modern ones…

    Shameless country!
    This is exactly why we need Biafra.

  • kennedy

    Fashola, can say anything cuz he knows that no one will question him. But forgetting that he’s the one during their election campaign that says that any reasonable govt will fix the electricity problem in Nigeria under two months in office. So in all meetings attained to resolve electricity problem there’s no one to remind him of his statement. God dey

    • yinka

      Election is over and you people lost, so get over it. Nigerians threw out the corrupt administration ever, I expect drum, ogene and dancing in the street, instead you guys are still wailing. Get a life man

  • Only Mr Henry

    Are these people in govt well at all? Nigerians are talking about having power for their daily living and they are talking about law been the best in the world. Wonders will never seize.