Fly Away Peter, Fly Away Paul…Is Lola Omotayo The Agent Provocateur?


Questions, rhetorical and otherwise, continue to trail the acrimonious separation of pop twins, P-Square. The most poignant being the role of Lola, wife of Peter, one half of the twins, in the whole affair. Across social media and beyond, fingers are being pointed in the direction of the doe-eyed Lola as the cause of the unending rift among the Okoye brothers. A Yoruba, Lola comes with the extra baggage of being older than her husband and their bellicose older brother cum manager, Jude. Not just that, there are insinuations that before the multi-millionaire singers lost their mother some years back, she was reportedly against the union that has produced two kids; Cameron and Aliona. However, Peter has stuck with his wife, telling whoever cares to listen that he has a responsibility to protect her and their kids.

Many have even suggested that should Lola walk out on the marriage, P-Square would reunite. But with the release of a video where Peter was almost beaten by Jude, and the subsequent leak of a letter he wrote to his lawyer, Festus Keyamo, alleging threat to his life and that of his family, the curtain might have been drawn on the career of one of Africa’s biggest musical exports. However, in response to several allegations levelled against Lola, Keyamo has issued a press release wherein he stated, “We also wish to state categorically that, contrary to widely held opinions, none of their wives is at fault. In fact, the wives have kept their respectable and dignified distances from all the issues involved.