Kaduna, PH, Kano Worst-Performing Discos in Q2 2017


Ejiofor Alike
Kaduna, Port Harcourt and Kano Electricity Distribution Companies were the worst-performing companies among the 11 distribution companies, according to the second quarter 2017 performance scorecards released by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), THISDAY has learnt.

The scorecards of the 11 distribution companies, which were obtained by THISDAY, showed that the regulatory agency ranked the companies based on six criterion or performance indices.

These indices included: the companies’ remittance to the Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Plc, metering commitment, remittance to the market operator, collection of revenue from customers, reduction of Average Technical Collection and Commercial losses (ATC &C) and fault clearance.

Kaduna Disco ranked least with weighted score of seven per cent out of 100 per cent; followed by Port Harcourt Disco, which scored 26.9 per cent and Kano Disco, which got 32.3 per cent.
The ranking showed that Eko Disco was the best-performing Disco with weighted score of 44.4 per cent; followed by Yola Disco, which scored 44.1 per cent and Jos Disco, which came third with 40.4 per cent.

Abuja Disco took the fourth position with 40 per cent, while Ikeja and Ibadan Discos scored 36.6 per cent and 36.3 per cent to take fifth and sixth position, respectively.
NERC’s second quarter scorecards for the discos also showed that Enugu Disco took the seventh position among the 11 discos with a score of 35,2 per cent, followed by Benin, which came eighth with a score of 34.6 per cent.

In terms of commitment to metering, Benin Disco scored zero out of 20 per cent to emerge the worst among the discos by showing no commitment to provide prepaid meters to customers, according to NERC findings.
Abuja Disco was the worst performer in terms of reduction of ATC & C losses with a score of 0.02 per cent out of a maximum point of 10 per cent.

The ranking showed that Eko Disco’s performance in collection of electricity bills surpassed NERC’s target for the Disco’s as the company scored 11 per cent against NERC’s 10 per cent maximum score set for the Discos.
Eko Disco’s performance in remittance to market operator also surpassed NERC’s maximum score as the company scored 20 per cent against 15 per cent maximum score set by NERC.

In terms of clearance of fault reported by customers, Ibadan, Yola and Ikeja Discos took the first position with a score of nine per cent each out of a maximum score of 10 per cent, while Port Harcourt and Eko discos were the worst with three per cent and four per cent scores, respectively.