Empowering the Less Privileged


Jonathan Eze who was in Ikirun, Osun State, examines the impact of AMK Foundation on the less privileged

Government alone cannot cater for the endless and insatiable needs of its citizens no matter how well intentioned or how much they try. At all levels, human needs especially for shelter, food, clothing and other necessities are in high demand among youths, women folks and even the elderly.

The harsh economy is however making it worse not only for government at all levels but even for individuals and corporate organisations that should see provision of social services and other basic things necessary for living as its corporate social responsibility.

But the people of Boripe, Ifelodun and Odo-Otin are fortunate to have one of its own, Ayodele Musibau Kusamotu, a consummate lawyer, who has consistently and selflessly rescued his people from the jaws of poverty. His selfless service is being commended by all but most importantly are the beneficiaries whose lives are being touched.

He is from the royal lineage of the Kusamotu’s family in Ikirun and a former aspirant of the federal House of Representatives meant to represent Ifelodun, Boripe and Odo-Otin Federal Constituency but his party, All Progressives Congress (APC) allegedly denied him of the ticket but stayed put because of his loyalty.

However, it is worthy to note that his charity acts started over a decade ago even before conceiving the idea of representing his people in order to better their lots.
Using his foundation, the Ayodele Musibau Kusamotu (AMK), the Lagos-born legal luminary distributed food items and fabrics to over 5,000 persons both young and old especially women during the last Eid-Kabir festival. It was as if his home was a Mecca. It was a beehive of activities. Besides occupying the multipurpose hall, there were no space for anyone to freely move around without stepping on each other.

The young ones were also seen hanging on rooftops just to catch a glimpse of the proceedings. From every angle, different songs in local dialects were sang, hailing and appreciating a man who had never occupied any political space or appointment but spends monies he makes by dint of hard work on them in empowering them.

On Ileya day, the communities dressed resplendently in the Ankara fabric that was given them and they all danced from the Kusamotu family house to the praying ground and other places. They also retired back where they were served with varieties of foods and drinks to their delight.

Also, THISDAY reliably gathered from the community that he arranged for medical personnel to examine and treat them of their ailments twice a month, a programme that has been sustained for years. Apart from the free medications, there were testimonies and reports that he visits hospitals to pick up medical bills of patients who could not afford it. The list of hospitals that confirmed this is long.

AMK Foundation believes strongly in youth empowerment. The founder opined that human capital development is the best gift you can hand over to a people so that they can be self-reliant. Consequent upon this, he created a committee that spearheaded an essay writing competition that held on 19th August with over 1,000 participants. Twenty-five winners would receive the sum of N 25,000 cheque each while other participants would get consolation gifts. The essay competition was for SS2 and SS3 students and the prize-giving day is slated for the 28th day of September, 2017 at the Ikirun City Hall in Osun State. The organisers invited all the students and their parents to the event and members of the public.

Kusamotu does not believe in publicity or politicising whatever he is doing. He believes it’s a service to God and to humanity. He sees it as the ideal thing to do. In fact, rendering social services to people is his priority.

He told THISDAY: “For me, helping others is top priority. Being able to provide others with a path towards success makes me feel valuable. Helping others is one of my greatest joy. The more I help people, the more I help myself. This can be small or large, but they are all important.
“I enjoy being part of the success of others. Seeing their joy gives me deep fulfillment and I am poised to do more.”

Reacting to this philanthropic gesture, the Chief Executive Officer of Araj Construction Company, Mr. Raji Kehinde said this about him: “Prince Ayodele Kusamotu, God will continue to bless him for the God –given heart he possesses. He has been in private practice for over two decades, never earned a penny from the state or federal government directly or indirectly, yet he has invested over 100 million naira in the last decade on the good people of his constituency.

“Market women have benefitted through micro credit schemes, free transportation on market days, monthly health programmes including free distribution of eye glasses, free medicines through medical prescriptions, youth empowerment via trainings in over 20 vocations and start-up equipment and materials distributed to reduce unemployment. He is a silent achiever, uncommon aspirator, humble giver. Please, let us support and encourage him.”

In the same vein, Olatunji Abidoye said this about him: “Many men have become great, because they were able to rise above defeat. Many people started life from obscurity, while others made it a goal right from the day they were born. However, the subject matter of this attribute is all about the brain behind Ayodele Musibau Kusamotu Foundation. The man whose journey through the grace of God, made it to the top and remain there as a result of resilience, spartan discipline and commitment to hard work, without attracting any controversies, negative comments or scandals to himself and his legal career. He is a versatile, effervescent, thorough and dignified personality of no mean repute.

“His name may not be found on the Forbes list of career noise makers masquerading as philanthropists, but to those who know him, he is a phenomenon who cannot be pushed aside by the wave of the hand by anybody in his community.

“By all standards; he is eminently qualified to be recognised for community award. But does he care? To him, this is not a big deal, he only cares to be recognised as a grand commander of the order of selfless service to humanity, the less-privileged members of the society especially from his federal constituency to be precise.

“Many have hugely benefited from his large heartedness and silent philanthropic gesture through his AMK Foundation established for the sake of eliminating poverty from his people. Through his AMK Foundation, he has empowered thousand of youths with academic scholarship, zero interest loan for small-scale business, free health services and other community services.

“Despite his wealth, painstakingly built within and outside the country over the years, he still believes that the only investment he can’t lose at all is when he invests in his people.’’

Meanwhile, party leaders have been lauding his virtues over his empowerment programmes that are laced in humility. At a recent event where the distribution of fabrics and foodstuffs were given out, a party chieftain, Alhaji Fatal Diekola, a former Commissioner of Information, Hon. Sunday Akere, Hon. Fatai Bamidele Araba, and Bayo Daoudu took turns to appreciate him.

Diekola described Kusamotu as a unique man with a heart of gold and urged him to present himself for future elections assuring him that the people would back his ambition.

In the same vein, Akere hailed his humility noting that he has been following the activities of Kusamotu for over a decade, adding that he is not surprised at his benevolence because his father and uncles were always caring for the people at all times.

Even though he has not decided to run for any elective position, political parties are lobbying to have him as their candidate as a result of the large followership that he controls. At the event, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leaders met him and pleaded that he should contest under its platform boasting that the PDP would be a party to beat in the 2018 election in the state.
In his character, he humbly thanked them for the show of affection and for always honouring him with their presence whenever he is in the state. He assured them that he would continue to cater for their welfare in his own little way.

He however declared that he had not made up his mind whether to run or not or the party platform that he would use but promised that whatever the people and his supporters want will be done.
According to him, “I thank you all for your show of love and affection. Your welfare would continue to be my priority and as my people, I will heed your call to run whenever you want me to.”

He urged them to continue to be steadfast and committed to the party’s ideals adding that he is neither a PDP or APC aspirant for now. “I am for all of you. My love for you all transcends party divides and you can be assured of my continued loyalty to this cause.”