Now the Joke’s on You

THIS REPUBLIC By Shaka Momodu, Email: SMS: 0811 266 1654

Sometimes, I want to laugh at our people and say, it serves you right. Some other times, I just want to “siddon look”, apologies to our Cicero, the late Chief Bola Ige. And yet more often than not, my first instinct when they are complaining about the “strange” goings-on in government is to say, some of us told you so. You see, a child who fails to heed the warnings of elders to stay away from fire, will run away from ashes after suffering the consequences of fire.

The 2015 presidential election has come and gone but the lies, tone, texture and frenzy of the campaign will stay with us for a long time to come. It was not so much about the issues of governance or the vision and ideas of the contestants, but much more about the full-blown demagoguery and even debauchery on display by forces determined to wrest power at all costs. Many simply lost their ability to reason normally and behaved like addicts high on opiate. They became jellies and zombies of a feudal hegemony disguised as “change”.

Otherwise highly respected intellectuals and people of great standing in society got sucked into a make-belief change; their endorsement helped in no small way to bolster the false narrative of the 2015 campaigns and drove the ordinary people into a frenzied march on a path that has pushed the country rolling towards the edge of a precipice.

Now, we are at the moment of truth; stripped of all pretences and completely disabused of the illusions of a changed Muhammadu Buhari. The truth is, we have never had a president, who by his deliberate actions and inactions sowed the seeds of mistrust; who is so utterly insensitive and so brazenly determined to stoke the fault lines of the delicate balance of this ethnically diverse country like we have now. We have never had a man so clannish at the helm of affairs of this country like we have today, a president who declared that he would not treat those who gave him 97 per cent equally with those who gave him 5 per cent.

The tragedy of it all is that the signs were there from the word go, so was the evidence of his tenure both as a military Head of State and the Chairman of PTF – that Buhari’s history and career is steeped in advancing narrow ethno-religious interests using national public offices – but were waved off as “contrived handicaps” by those who were all too determined to rewrite his past in flattering prose and poetry.

Surprisingly, many people, some of us had previously ascribed historical knowledge of events to, suddenly turned themselves into fanatical spokespersons, purveyors of falsehoods and embellishers of “true lies” and half-truths. Some took a blind leap of fate on a man they knew in their heart of hearts had not changed.

They told us it would be purblind to insist Buhari has not been chastened by the intervening experience and – most critically – by a vastly transformed environment – both localised and global. Now the joke is on those who stood as guarantors for a changed Buhari as his actions since coming to power at every turn have contradicted their claim. They even told us all his domestic workers were from the South-east; that one of his daughters was married to an Igbo man and that he would celebrate the 2014 Christmas in the South-east with his in-laws as evidence of his detribalised nature. But it was all a pack of lies! Some of us could only shout ourselves hoarse and look on helplessly as too many people signed the “suicide pact” that has doomed nation building.

I know someone who swore by the heavens that Buhari was God-sent to fix Nigeria. That was when the euphoria was still fresh. Less than two years into Buhari’s 4-year term he started to avoid me. Why? Because he simply ran out of excuses for the man’s failure.

There is a proverb in the land of my fathers which says you do not need a lamp at night to identify a person you already know very well in the afternoon. But those who should have known became willing drummers for a candidate who represents all the things that divide us as a nation.

Since the ascension of Buhari to power, we have not seen the promised change. Rather, we have seen a deliberate and systematic northernisation of government agencies to the alarm of both those who warned against electing him and some of those who marched to support him. I had stated in my first intervention in the Buhari debate, titled, Buhari: When Facts Become ‘Contrived’, that he is not the right person for the office of president of a modern Nigeria because he would reverse the little progress made in the quest for nation building. And more importantly, that the only reason he wanted to be the president was to regain the power he lost when he was overthrown in 1985 as well as the overwhelming ambition to right the perceived wrongs done to the North since the democratic experiment began in 1999. His body language then said it all, but either many didn’t understand it, or was misread by an overexcited, foolish and gullible public. It didn’t take long for him to eagerly put the agenda of his mission into practice following his victory in the poll.

It is instructive that Buhari’s first consideration following his victory, even before he was sworn in was the Grazing Bill. It started with murmurs, whispers, and then a subtle push. Many were in disbelief at the mere thought of it by the president, let alone preparing a bill to the National Assembly. Then it was denied, and of course, it soon became clear that it was real after all. Buhari only quietly backed off when faced with a determined pushback. In that whole drama, it was also quite instructive that the president never uttered a word but was working hard behind the scenes to push one of the clannish provincial policies dear to his heart.

Soon after the failure of that bill, the Fulani herdsmen as if they were watching the direction the pendulum would swing, unleashed wave after wave of bloody massacres on innocent communities across the country, killing and maiming thousands. Some revisionists and other mischief propagandists even denied it was Fulani herdsmen that were doing the killings despite the clear evidence (talk of exoneration by denial), all in a bid to excuse Buhari’s culpable guilt by his cold indifference and failure to take decisive action against his kinsmen. And as the saying goes in the land of my fathers, “Indifference is always the friend of the enemy.” It emboldens the aggressor to further violate the victim.

According to Wole Soyinka, revisionism is a travesty of history. Strangely, many even alleged that describing the marauding killers, as Fulani herdsmen was a smear campaign targeted at Buhari because of his Fulani ancestry, and that those guys were not Nigerians. Really? Up till today, no one has given us any rational explanation for Buhari’s inaction against the “foreign” herdsmen. When Buhari, under pressure from the public finally acted after months of silence, it was a feeble, half-hearted response to what had turned into a full-blown national security crisis.

You see, since his ascension to power, Buhari rather than by his conduct, dispel that well-deserved ethno/religious irredentist toga he earned by his utterances and actions years preceding his rise to the presidency, or at the minimum, disguised his agenda of righting the perceived wrongs done to the North, has done more to strengthen that appellation by way of appointments, actions and inactions.

He started by filling up the Presidential Villa with people of his ethnic stock. All his personal aides and nearly all his assistants and special advisers are from the North. Take a careful look at the following and you would feel a chill in your spine: Kabir Daura, son of Mamman Daura, Buhari’s personal assistant, Air Commodore N. B. Bali – Commander, PAF; Nura Rimi – PLO, Abdulkarim Dauda – CPSO, Yau Abdullahi – Chief Detail, Sabiu Yusuf – Personal Assistant, Lawal Mato – Snr. Personal Assistant, Brigadier General Musa Yusuf, Commander, Guards Brigade, Dr. Suhayb Sanusi Rafindadi – CPP, Usman Bashir Abubakar – CSO, Mallam Lawal Abdullahi Kazaure – State Chief of Protocol, Lt.-Col. Muhammed Lawal Abubakar – Aide-De-Camp.

The headship of the entire security architecture of Nigeria is firmly in the hands of one section of the country. Who does that in a multi-cultural and multi-plural society like ours? Only our “changed” President Buhari. It was written in the book of old that a leopard never changes its spot. But those who were too eager to ditch the wisdom of old for the brand new marketing manual of shylock politicians waved all the danger signals aside and crowned him the new messiah of our time who would save Nigeria.

Again, take a look at the following out of the many lopsided appointments and tell me if this man is not an ethno/religious bigot as former Vice President Atiku Abubakar once described him in the run-up to the APC presidential primary in 2014: the Inspector General of Police, Idris Abubakar, the Director General of the Department of State Security Services, Lawal Musa Daura, the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusuf Buratai, the Chief of Air Staff, Sadiq Abubakar, the National Security Adviser, Babagana Monguno, the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim Magu, the Minister of Defence, Mansur Mohammed Dan Ali, the Minister for Interior‎, Abdulrahman Dambazau, the Comptroller General of the Nigerian Customs Service, Hammmed Ibrahim Ali, the Comptroller-General of Immigration, Mohammed Babande, the Controller-General of Prisons, Ja’afaru Ahmed. It is bad enough that they are all from the North, it is even worse that they are all Muslims.
The recent lopsided recruitment into the Department of State Services (DSS) is another direct affront to the delicate balance of Nigeria’s unity. It was reported that 51 officers were picked from Katsina State, the president’s own state, while Akwa Ibom and Lagos produced only 5 and 7 respectively.

As if the huge outcry that skewed exercise generated was not enough, the just concluded management reshuffle in the state oil company (NNPC) has shown the clear danger Buhari poses to Nigeria’s unity. It is frightening that he doesn’t care about the implications of his actions and is therefore carrying on despite protestations. For goodness’ sake, how can one justify the following appointments?

Malami Shehu – MD Port Harcourt Refining Company, Muhammed Abah – MD Warri Refinery, Umar Ajiya – MD NPMC, Bala Wunti – GGM CP&S, Usman Yusuf – GMD STA. (Tech), Ahmadu-Katagum – GGM Shipping (Downstream), Kallamu Abdullahi – GGM Renewable Energy Division, Shaibu Musa – MD NNPC Medical Services Limited; Ibrahim Birma – GGM Governance, Risk & Compliance Division; Farouk Ahmed – MD Product Mkg – Retiring.

Others are Adewale Ladenegan – MD Kaduna Refinery, Adeyemi Adetunji – MD NNPC Retail, Bola Afolabi – GGM Research & Development, Roland Ewubare – Group General Manager 2, Diepriye Tariah – MD of IDSL… Conspicuously absent from the list is any name of a senior management person from the South-east. Even the South-west and the South-south are scarcely represented.
Ohanaeze, in a statement by its President-General, John Nwodo aptly captures Buhari’s disdain and modus operandi to governance: “As long as President Buhari continues to ‘live out his speech abroad’ that his government will favour those who voted 97% for him against those who voted 5% for him, so long will the dissatisfaction and unrest in our polity subsist.

“There is no oil well anywhere in Northern Nigeria. Four of the five states in the South-east have proven oil resources some of which provide our nation’s revenue, yet our people are not found fit to be adequately represented in a key corporate institution like the NNPC.”

Now, just imagine for one second that it was former President Goodluck Jonathan who appointed people of his own ethnic stock into strategic national positions to the exclusion of a section of the country, like Buhari has done; all hell would have broken loose by now.

Wounds take a long time to heal. Nigeria will need a lot of healing from the damage done to it by Buhari long after he has left office. Those clamouring for him to remain in power beyond 2019 disparage and trivialise the harm he has done to our individual and collective psyches in our quest for nation-building policies and programmes.

  • “Korede

    Shaka Momodu, you would have done well by stating the states of the personnel instead of feeding us lies on lopsidedness on the account of their names. You are mis-informing Nigerians through your personal hatred for the man Buhari and by extestion the APC.

    We were all alive in Nigeria when your “god” filled most his government with people from south East and South south extraction and nobody went to press to create division or brought out any unrest.

    Wait for 2019 and vote him out on account of imbalance appointment. Stop all these unnecessary divisions.

  • Arabakpura

    It is obvious that Buhari is Nigeria’s enemy No1! Let me hear somebody Sai baba around me again!

  • Steve Ochonma

    I could not agree less with that s writer even if I tried. Buhari is a disaster. The damage done by his administration is monumental and unpardonable.

  • Buharin daji

    Shaka may Allah continue to increase your blessings and wisdom for standing with the truth

  • The Light

    SHAKA! The true voice of the common people of Nigeria. There is a secret agenda in place. Only Shake and his likes can see that. Generation will live to remember you as one of the greatest prophets to have come from our land. Their aim is to fulfill the same project that they undertook in the Middle East and North Africa many years ago. Herdsmen killing Christians and one-sided appointment are all indicators that show the intention of this administration. I know that God will thwart the counsel of the unrighteousness.

  • Priestley Okorro

    Thank you very much Shaka. I wish you wrote weekly in Thisday. Most back page pieces are disgusting to say the least. Personally i laugh at Nigerians especially those educated and were older than 18 years in 1984. I told Nigerians that Buhari will bring suffering and end up killing Nigeria. IPOB is terrorist but armed herdsmen are not. Globally the herdsmen are the fourth terrorist group in the world. Nigeria is headed for a break up.Too bad some of you wanted to save Nigeria but too late. Buhari has finished Nigeria.

  • moribund9ja

    Please copy this article to your colleague Segun Adeniyi

  • Ak

    if the guy says he will re-contest, sebi the same people will still be unable to ask the ‘right’ questions which they refused to ask back in 2015.

  • gohen

    Thank you very much Shaka keep writting, one day you shall reap the reward of your uprightness. God bless you.
    For me anytime anyday, I believe Buhari is God’s punishment to Nigerians. Simple !!!, call it hate speech, I don’t give a hoot

  • Netanyahu

    Shaka, if you scroll down the comments section, you will understand why you need to be writing every week. We are kind of in a stupor or even dead in the south. We need someone like you to keep “flogging” us until we wake up from our slumbering stupor. I also checked out names of those idiots that make us believe they love buhari more than aisha his wife and I couldn’t find any. They have gone hiding. We need this type of home truth stated so unambiguously to chase further down the drain. Honestly I wish to thank you for this piece, like all in the past. Otherwise this daft will be returned to office in 2019. Another 4 years of this buffoon will nail the coffin. God bless you. But God will not forgive Tinubu for keeping quiet. Each time I watch John Oyegun on TV, I feel like throwing up, wondering if that man has children at all.

  • Mystic mallam

    Shaka, I have to conclude that it is only because of the few people like you. men of wisdom, courage and goodwill, still resident in Nigeria, that God finds fit to spare this country from extinction. I have a feeling though, that one more term of Buhari and APC will wear down even God’s infinite patience. Sometimes I wonder, on what meat do they feed that saps their conscience and degrades their humanity – those campaigning for Buhari’s re-election in 2019? May God continue to save Nigeria.

  • Olufemi Bello

    Please do not blame Buhari,blame Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

    • Obi Ike Sorres

      No, for now don’t blame Bola Tinubu. This is why despite Yorubas shortcoming I’m with them. Yorubas don’t take things too serious especially religion easily forgive. Such person like Buhari is not naturally smart. Somebody who helped you win what has been eluding you, you came in and u are messing up things. It shows he is not smart. You fought the Nigeria civil war as a youth and know as old man the fissures of it has come again you are acting like you acted as a youth, does that show smartness and wisdom. Don’t blame Tinubu pls, even he has his fault for now no blame again.

      • Olufemi Bello

        I’m only looking at the foundation of the problems Mr Shaka is talking about and wish that Tinubu had gone beyond raw calculations for power. No doubt, Tinubu is a great man. He laid the foundation of modern Lagos and produced Fashola and Ambode to continue the good work. However, he did not do enough diligence for his efforts to change Nigeria for the better. He can say he forgot that General Buhari toppled a democratic government of Shehu Shagari in 1983 and subsequent suffering that Nigerians went through.

    • Grelia O

      Bless your hear! It still beat me silly why otherwise progressive Asiwaju would match a good chunk of otherwise progressive SW into the ambush called GMB – made more painful when the demand for devolution of power to lower units was widespread. Asiwaju had the only ace during the primaries and he anointed Buhari, sentencing the nation to a Buhari presidency.

  • Political Affey

    Truth is bitter Shaka. All these people may have come from the north. There are southern CHRISTIANS working with them. Many of who are as callous as hell. Many of them live good. They see their own appointment as a chance to feel fine. Southerners like to feel fine. Northerners sacrifice for the common northern good. A bit like what the whites do for each other, and then appoint blacks as a token. The appointments are lopsided and will continue to be until those who work with them cry out. Until they pool their resources together in every sector of Nigeria’s economy to fight injustice.

    • Mystic mallam

      ”Northerners sacrifice for the common northern good”. Are you serious? Where do you think the ALMAJERIS come from – the Niger Delta?

      • Obi Ike Sorres


      • Political Affey

        The Northerners don’t deceive themselves. They do what they can and leave the rest. In the south, we muddle everything together. That’s why a house servant can end up as a senator and doctorate degree holders have no chance but they won’t keep quiet. There are poor people everywhere.

        • Mystic mallam

          Ok, I can go with you up to a point. But don’t you think there’s some important difference between ”poor people everywhere” and poor people deliberately made and kept poor for certain purposes – like executing quit threats?

    • Mexy

      Politically Afraid, There is something called the Federal Character in a Multi Ethnic Nation like ours,so your argument is baseless.

      • remm ieet

        Federal Character principle is intended for rational thinking people. It is a guide. However politics lacks rationality. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be on the same issue of marginalization and lack of representation after fifty five years. So if you have the power to make the principle work, and generate the necessary balance in our multi ethnic society why moan? Just do it. Today we complain about Buhari’s appointments. Jonathan and Obasanjo were there previously, but they could not go to the root of the problem. Why didn’t they?

        • Mexy

          So because they could’not sort this,means we should not ask for Equity and Justice? PMB is not a Democrat,his shamelessly bias and sucks.At every turn he has shown that his anti South and especially the SE.

  • FrNinja

    Make Aboki Great Again. #maga

  • anthony oguejiofor

    Thank you, Shaka.
    We need leaders who are detribalised enough to position Nigeria on the path of progress. I voted for Buhari but he has become a burden to our democracy and a huge cog on the wheel of our national progress. If our votes would count, 2019 can’t come fast enough

  • Ralph

    You talk nonsense as usual. The last petroleum minister Diezanni was from Niger Delta, please can you tell us just one thing she did for the region? You are as bad as those you accuse of nepotism. You haven’t questioned the competency of the NNPC appointees who Im sure were not employed on May 29th, 2015. If you bothered to read the full list of the NNPC appointments rather than read headline you would have seen the full picture. But no, you’re too lazy. Did Tinubu come to you to complain?

    • Daniel Obior

      Since when have northerners become the most competent people in the oil industry to corner most of the top positions? Is it with their low cut-off marks at secondary school level? Or the low degree results from the university, most of which are not even on science and technology disciplines? Or is it from relatively short periods they spend trying to cut their teeth on substantive work positions, but regularly truncated by accelerated over promotions into incompetence on the job? The issue is not Diezani helping the Niger Delta, or Tinubu complaining. The issue is a president being even handed in running a diverse country, which Buhari has woefully failed.

      • Ralph

        Look at it this way. A man goes to the maternity to scream about his teenage daughter who is in labour room. Isnt that way too late? These people appointed now were likely recruited in 1987. Let us pick our fights with wisdom and learn to be strategic. How many south south/east did Diezanni and GEJ hire in 6 years into NNPC? Your guess is as good as mine.

        • Daniel Obior

          You are looking at it the wrong way. There is a right thing to do. Diezani and GEJ did the right thing by not being parochial and nepotistic in favour of their kinsmen, in a plural society like Nigeria. That is the reason why Buhari should be condemned for his lopsidedness, and being a president only for the north..

          • okbaba

            Are you arguing with young people of today? Let their experiences now teach them some good lessons. Buhari of 1984 repeated itself in 2015. It will still repeat itself in 2045!! We never learn….

          • Ralph

            If I go by your argument, then there is no basis for Chaka’s comments that there is no oil in the North. GEJ/Diezanni had the yam and knife in their hands like the Igbo proverb says. But they decided to feed themselves while their children starved. You can say what you said –Its political correctness. I’m talking real politik here. When we have power we should correct the lopsidedness. But you cannot go into NNPC and stop the next in commands who have been there for years and have more experience. That is my point. The damage was done years ago and our brother and sister were too busy accumulating properties and monies to correct it

          • Daniel Obior

            The proper way to play politics is to serve the generality of the people. There is good politics and there is bad politics. Being parochial and serving only the interest of your people at the expense of the others is bad politics. It therefore does not make sense to blame people for playing good politics and hail those who play bad politics.

          • Ralph

            Ok. So can we then do away with zoning and federal character? Because no matter how we color it, it is a parochial act to overlook Mr. A who did better in an interview /experience to appoint Mr. B to balance things.

          • Daniel Obior

            Your example is micromanaging the situation. Step back and take a holistic view and you will begin to see what I am saying.

          • Ralph

            Thanks for a level headed and intellectual discussion, by the way. That is how we should be dicussing natuional issues

          • William Norris

            Did Jonathan not favor the Igbo though? I think he did.

            The more important thing is that Jonathan and the PDP were pushing Nigeria along the path to free markets. With free markets government becomes far less lucrative and people are free to maximize their own assets, talents and opportunities.

          • Daniel Obior

            It may indeed be seen that way because previous governments virtually excluded Igbo from participating in government.

          • LagLon

            bro GEJ didnt. he simply used the igbo. imagine a starting position as follows:
            north – 70%
            swest – 20%
            ssouth – 5%
            se – 5%
            total = 100% [ also adjust for key jobs – min of pet, min of finance etc etc ]

            if someone comes along and tries to rebalance that… to get the ss or igbos to say 20%. what would it look like? this is why – i would advise the president to publish full fed character statistics.. so people know exactly what is going on.

          • Darcy

            “i would advise the president to publish full fed character statistics.. so people know exactly what is going on.”

            That would imply that the Nigerian Government was led by sensible people.

          • LagLon

            exactly.. on an ongoing basis. pass the ‘balanced leadership act’… rating jobs by budgets and strategic significance.
            blah blah. breath wasted. hes a backward savage….

  • Felix Udoh

    Shaka, You are a man of truth. We warned them and yet they wouldn’t listen. If anyone has ever had any doubt that Buhari is a sectional bigot, then this article is your answer.

  • Daniel

    Shaka is my most respected journalist today in Nigeria.

    Many others have simply become idiotic and trashy in their essays. They have become fence- sitting nincompoop who are tryin to curry favour from a highly despicable leadership whose immorality knows no bounds.

    These other journalists are so timid and lacking in courage that you wonder what has gone wrong.

    But no evil lasts forever. In the history of political leadership, there is always a sudden turn of events that puts an end to the actions of evil men.

    One thing is clear, the Yorubas have learnt their lessons.

    Nigeria will never remain the same again.

    One thing I can see, Nigeria is destined for disintegration.

  • American Abroad

    Nigeria, my country of birth, is on the ropes. Her typically absentee President, who saw no shame in taking up extended squatter rights as a “medical refugee” in another sovereign state, is once more preparing for yet another foreign trip, this time to address a (likely) snickering UN audience- on what? Leadership? Whilst his own country is literally going up in flames!

    I had strongly supported Mr Buhari, albeit as a very late convert to his cause. His antecedents were not reassuring, indeed, were actually foreboding; but I make no excuses this late in the day: Mr Jonathan was thoroughly incompetent, and simply had to go, for his own sake, for the sake of my country of birth, for the sake of propriety, and above all, for the sake of yet unborn generations of Nigerians. I could claim some degree of benign sophistry, perhaps even adopt the Mea Culpa superbly offered as riposte by Lewis Carroll in his classic, Through The Looking Glass: “I did not say that it (Mr Buhari) was good for you, the King replied, I only said there was nothing like it (Buhari)”. Of course, like many other Buhari supporters, we were all concerned that we might have made a mistake in placing our forlorn hopes on a decidedly parochial aspirant, but as the incomparable Hegel reminds us, the fear of making a mistake would be a mistake in itself.

    The problem with Mr Buhari is not evil, banal though it often is, but an abiding indifference to the sensibility of others: a troubling lack of empathy for his fellow citizens, especially those of a different tribe, different religion, different persuasion, a different way of life. After securing vast amounts of state funds for the Aso Rock clinic, he still saw no contradiction in immigrating to the UK, rather than inviting those same specialists to Abuja, upgrading the capacity of Aso Rock clinic (or, perish the thought, those of the National Hospital, right there in Abuja) or sending his country’s poorly-paid doctors to learn the craft of their peers in England or anywhere else. Had he stayed that long in these United States, he would have probably qualified for a Green Card, if not Food Stamps. Does he imagine that he would be the last person to ever suffer from cancer or cachexia (or whatever he has) in modern-day Nigeria? What becomes of the next Nigerian, whose common resources have been pillaged to facilitate his extended medical vacation overseas, who happens to fall ill with an identical pathology? What does his Nomadic Highness visualize as his responsibility to his own citizens, even those same benighted but eternally faithful almajiri, that are apparently so besotted with him? There are a doughty few who still insist that Buhari can grow into our fondest hopes for him, that he can still transform into the ideal Leader, an optimal President for all, that there must be hope eternal whilst there is still life in him. Alas, I suspect they would all be proven wrong; No, he can’t, and he won’t.

    In Nigeria, both Religion and Politics are on equivalent slippery footing, finding popular expression in the soulless asceticism of Mr Buhari as well as the insipid diffidence of Mr Osibanjo. Religion, just like politics, has seamlessly exploited the mental laziness and extreme poverty of today’s Nigeria, transfiguring both into personality cults (within Christian, or more specifically, Prosperity churches) or homicidal offerings (as Boko Haram has so eloquently extended the teachings of Islam), where logic and commonsense have long been suspended in favor of obscene ritual and bottomless greed. Believers must submit to market imperatives: you are poor because you have no faith; you have no faith because you did not give of tithes to the Pastor (Prosperity) or life to Jihad (Islam). The last sanctuaries in any democracy for the poor have now been overtaken and held hostage by Philistines. Halleluya!

    It is, however, unhelpful to continuously perseverate over Mr Buhari, berating his minions, and worsening the pall of anomie spread across this land. It is probably useless, but worth urging, that men of goodwill with access to Buhari’s Aso Rock redoubt, should attempt instructing our President on the virtues of Justice: he is not just President of a Fulani North, but of all Nigeria, good and bad, Christian and Muslim, APC and PDP, North and South, rich and poor. No previous President had ever trodden the path which Mr Buhari presently walks; no previous President has been nearly as divisive. Which is a crying shame, especially for a former man-at-arms, reputedly raised in the military tradition of Country, Service, Leadership. If one of the retired generals of our storied military forces- the Nigerian contingent of Burma, Congo, Tiv Highlands, Liberia fame- is this parochial, ethnocentric, divisive, close-minded, what does that say about our military? About us? About our history? Was it all make-belief?

    • Daniel Obior

      Come on be serious. At this stage of his life, Buhari is irredeemable. It will be a bloody waste trying to educate him on the virtues you have listed. Just like trying to wean Trump from twitting.

      • John Paul

        Before we forget – despite the presence of many southerners in GEJ’s cabinet -here is why Soyinka and other Patriotic Nigerians kicked the idiotic PDP out of power:

        1. There was fuel scarcity everywhere;

        2. On the 25th of May, 2015 – four days before the last administration handed over to this administration – many business and banks were closed on account of fuel scarcity. Even GT bank had to close at 1:00 p.m., on that day, on account of fuel scarcity;

        3. Nigeria had a paltry reserves of $30 billion after about four (4) straight years of crude oil at over $100 a barrel. Not to talk about the fact that they squandered the $30 billion that OBJ and Yar Adua left in our reserves, with nothing to show for it;

        4. None of our refineries were working optimally;

        5. We had mediocre infrastructure, after about four (4) straight years of crude oil at over $100 a barrel; ;

        6. Boko Haram was virtually in charge of the North East;

        7. Corruption was everywhere – including: (a.) $6.8 fuel subsidy fraud; ( b. ) $10 billion annual oil theft, etc;

        8. Contractors were being owed trillions of Naira;

        9. PDP was still sharing ATM Dasuki’s loot;

        10. Fertilizer suppliers were being owed 65 billion Naira;

        11. Nigeria was importing about 3 million metric tons of rice annually;

        12. Even though crude oil was still selling above $60 a barrel, 23 states were bankrupt and were owing workers one year salary;

        13. The last administration borrowed half a trillion Naira, during its last months in office, to pay federal civil servants’ salaries when oil was still selling above $70 a barrel. etc, etc14. They failed to implement the TSA because they were enjoying corruption’s foothold on Nigeria;

        15. Nigeria could not distribute even up to 3000 MW of power for a population of 180 million after 4 straight years of $100 dollar oil;

        16. Despite the solemn promises that the last administration made to the City of Aba, unlike what is happening today, Aba did not see a single bulldozer during the 6 years of the last administration;

        17. Despite earning over N51 trillion during their term in office, our roads were pothole ridden and Nigerian was experiencing a comprehensive infrastructural decay;

        18. The runway in Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja was in a state of disrepair;

        19. Members of our armed forces were dying like flies, in the Boko Haram war theater because our General were looting the funds meant to equip them;

        20. Kidnaping which was hitherto not in our lexicon had become the order of the day – even the mother of our then minister of finance was kidnaped during the last administration;

        21. The last administration betrayed and almost damaged the reputation of the technocrats that agreed to serve Nigeria during that era because they were using them as cover for their looting;

        22. NNPC became a cesspool of corruption;

        23. Nigeria was importing everything – including toothpick;

        24. Christopher Kolade had long resigned from SURE-P because corruption had creeped into even SURE-P;

        25. Nigeria’s Tax to GDP ratio was a disgrace;

        26. The Nigerian Judicial system – the last hope of the common man – was faltering

        • Mayo

          Please stop these blatant lies.
          1) There was fuel scarcity everywhere – Under GEJ, we had very long stretches where there was nothing like fuel scarcity. Under Buhari, we’ve also had fuel scarcity, in fact very bad scarcity.

          2) Under Buhari the refineries are still not working optimally.

          3) GEJ was doing a phase implementation of TSA to avoid the shock of suddenly removing money from circulation. We experienced that when Buhari implemented TSA in a swoop.

          4) yes, our infrastructure is still bad but GEJ did a lot on infrastructure. Trains started running (even if they were slow/used locomotives).

          5) Kidnapping you say was going on. Yes, but it abated under GEJ. Under Buhari, Herdsmen ran free killing & maiming without anybody doing anything.

          6) You said Boko Haram was virtually in charge of the North East. GEJ’s goverment was trying very hard to fight terrorism which was new to the country. They fumbled at first but they got up to the challenge but the media and APC propaganda machine were basically propaganda machines for BH. Top politicians in the North were playing propaganda with BH. Were you not here when Buhari said that – fight against BH was a fight against the North or when Nyako of Adamawa wrote that nonsense letter about GEJ committing genocide against the North?
          Do you think it’s easy to deal with terrorism? UK has already experienced 5 terrorist attacks this year.

          • William Norris

            I will only bother with the first point.

            1. WHY was there fuel scarcity in the last days of Jonathan’s government?

            2. Because Buhari won the elections and fuel importers were afraid that he would cancel the subsidy system that ensured the availability of fuel without any policy alternative.

            Remember, during the campaign, Buhari and other APC leaders kept shouting there was NOTHING LIKE SUBSIDY and at the same time PROMISING to sell fuel at N45.

            Those in the fuel market knew it was IMPOSSIBLE to FIX the price and eliminate subsidy and so they simply stopped importing since the subsidy was at risk.

            That’s all.

            John Paul is ignorant…like most Zombie he’s barely able to reason. You waste your time engaging him. Notice nobody here pays him any attention. He’s an idiot

          • Priestley Okorro

            What happened to the grass cutter? Look at the NNPC appointment and what do you say? I am terribly ashamed of all APC LIARS because Buhari only worsens anything he touches. No hope. He can not be reformed or transformed not in this world. He is now even worse than 1984 and 1985. Looting is much more now than under Jonathan. Find out all the people allocated millions of barrels of oil as oil traders and agents collecting 3 to 5 dollars per barrel of crude oil. Then challenge me if it is not the inner clan doing all the deals.Thank you Shaka for exposing the liars talking of looting under Jonathan but silent on grass cutters under Buhari.

        • Buharin daji

          I know a yoruba nonentity when I see one

        • Daniel Obior

          How has this ranting and lies of yours addressed the point I made? You must have been failing your exams writing out of point. Good a thing your lies have been adequately addressed by others and I need not add more, except to advise you to stop your lying in this forum.

          • austin

            He had this tissue of lies already given to him by probably Lai, and he has been looking for a place to unleash it. You happened to be close by.

          • Daniel Obior

            You may indeed be right. It is just insane.

        • Mike

          I’m not Igbo, I’m from the North…but you probably need to wake up. look around you.

        • onyema22ohaka

          Your pack of lies from the lying legend lai mohammed himself doesn’t work anymore. Bury your head & those of your lineage in deserved shame.

    • Michael Kadiri SocioPolitical

      When you are in a hole my friend, stop digging.
      Many of us did not care for Jonathan.
      But we are adult enough to compare the two candidates on offer
      From Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb, we elected for Tweedle Dumb because one was going to be more damaging than the other.
      Tweedle Dumb could respond to pressure. Tweedle Dee is experienced in skull duggery.
      We considered Jonathan weak because he operated a ‘first amongst equals’ agenda and appointed based on meritocracy. Who has been able to effectively deal with corruption? Or is the headline corruption accusations that we see today from this government, the way to deal with corruption? Is corrupting the process not more damaging to our fortunes as a country?
      Are you telling me, that as a student of history and an encyclopedia of human conduct as you usually demonstrate that you expected any different from Buhari?
      Sometimes in life my broda – just raise your hands in the air and say ‘sorry’, I made a terrible mistake! Stop trying to style it out.

      • okbaba

        One of the worst of corruption is obfuscation with words. That, my brother, is corruptible and American Abroad might not admit. When the educated can barely pass on knowledge to the uneducated, of what use is that education in itself?

        We preferred to pass on the education of experience, but who cares, thus history repeating itself is a truism!

        • Michael Kadiri SocioPolitical


      • Obi Ike Sorres

        Thanks you. Stop trying to style it out and embellish it. I love that style it out . He did lots of styling here like a hairstylist on a woman hair

      • Jon West

        You did a lot better than I. I am beginning to get fed up with this intellectual hypocrisy and plain sophistory. You made an idiotic mistake, so own up and then shut up.

      • MDG2020

        I stand with you MKSP!
        Enough said joor! AA, in the mould of Simon, Dele, and Segun, are irrideemable. They have no “i am sorry” in their bole-kaja lexicons.
        Just move on jaree.

        • BB

          Hindsight they say is 20/20- Our dear man has somewhat apologized (in between the lines). HE however is attempting to explain the dilema which himself( and indeed) all sensible Nigerians faced at the time of the elections…. A Buhari ( whom the Jon Wests, MKSPs, Daniel Obiors of these world foresaw as a failure in waiting) and a GEJ( Who at the time-and indeed till now remains- a ‘no-no’).
          Our dear friend did what he felt was best for the country at the time, and to be honest with you, at the rate GEJ and his croonies were sucking Nigeria dry, we may have ceased existing by now if they had continued in power…again ‘hindsight is 20/20’

          • BankyMons

            “,,,,,,,,,,at the rate GEJ and his croonies were sucking Nigeria dry, we may have ceased existing by now if they had continued in power…” Will you now stop regurgitating these APC lines now? You guys have been found out to be liars – stop dancing naked at the market square.

          • BB

            Mr BankyMoron, whilst I am of the firm belief that insulting strangers on a platform for National discourse is crass and totally unwarranted but for folks of your ilk I realize it is unavoidable!!!
            In the ‘depth’ (shallowness) of your thinking, every commentator is either an APC or a PDP apologist…oh how stupid!!!! Do you even live in Nigeria? Are you that callous? And oblivious to the plight of those around you? Did you not see what your benefactor did to the nation ( the less privileged around you)? You are indeed an inhumane being for your response. Remember there is a God and he shall judge you…

    • Jon West

      The Dullard “General”, who could not even pass Staff College ( Avery basic professional examination), was neither in the Congo, Burma, Tiv Highlands and Liberia etc. He was in the killing fields of Biafra and that shaped his mindset. You know that , but like Wole Soyinka, The Ota Ape and the rest of the hypocrites and political revisionists that helped lie him to power, you pretend otherwise. Apologise to Nigerians for your naivity in 2015 and stop commenting on the Dullard . You are beginning to upset the rest of us who saw tomorrow. For Gods sake, you are an academic!!

      • American Abroad

        Dear Jon:
        As you well know, I never respond to trolls (for a multiplicity of reasons, chief of which is the innate futility of doing so), but you are not a troll, and I believe you deserve a considered reaction.
        First, thank you for your Commentary, which fills a much-needed gap in Buhari’s military hagiography (it’s a joke, by the way).
        More substantively, I do not think that anyone was necessarily hoodwinked by claims of Buhari’s democratic transformation, but as I have been at pains to describe, most democrats thought he was a vastly superior option to the bumbling Mr Jonathan. Incidentally, despite my disappointment in Mr Buhari, I still think he was a better choice, all things considered. The metaphor I would use is Jonathan as “slow poison”, with Buhari as an implosion. If I am going to die, I might as well die quickly, with little pain.
        Thirdly, whilst I applaud your accurately taking the measure of Buhari, the man, prescience is not necessarily a virtue in Politics.
        Fourthly, I write on these grave matters because this unfortunate country is, once again, slouching soporifically towards Gomorrah: very likely, the script would include a State of Emergency in Abia, appointment of a military Administrator, flight of capital and economic investment, further degradation of Igbo (and Nigerian) fortunes, unnecessary bloodshed, more mayhem, civil conflict … is that what my country folk really want or need?
        Finally, in the words of Moliere, the great French comedic master, “All writing is like prostitution, first you do it out of love, then you do it only for a few friends, and finally you do it for the money”. I am still at Stage I, at what stage is Jon West, PhD?
        Regardless of who is better in this inane fight for precedence between lice and fleas (Jonathan v Buhari), all I truly care for is that Nigeria begins, at long last, to make progress. But we have to start being more honest and less craven, as a precondition for that long-awaited renaissance. Your heart, dear Jon, is unquestionably honest, but your mind also has to be less circumscribed.

        • share Idea

          Comparing Buhari and Junathan is like comparing light and day. Please stop comparing Buhari and GEJ – GEJ is a million miles apart from Buhari.

          What I don’t understand is how people like you expected GEJ that believe in processes to work magic when there is no strong institutions. He continued all through his period to establish semblance of procedure, and we all know what it takes to setup processes. The little gains we made under him has been bastardized by this evil administration.

          There is no easy way to fix or develop a nation when the building blocks are missing. Some of you credit Buhari with fighting corruption, but have you ever wondered why no convictions have been secured by this administration.

          Abacha claimed to have stopped 419ners during his tenure but it took his demise for the nation to know that he was the greatest looter ever to govern Nigeria. Buhari has been shouting corruption fight and when a very good opportunity is presented to him to proof his sincerity, he failed spectacularly.

        • Darcy

          Personally, Buhari was my first ever vote. I hoped the cosmopolitan Lagos cabal would stifle his ethnic proclivities. Their cowardly collapse is one I shall never forget nor forgive.

          Then if blame is being assigned, we the people ought to bear the largest burden. We have a House of Representatives and a Cabinet, who have Constitutional powers to censure the Executive, why are they silent? Why are we silent at their silence?

          Nigerians as always fight the wrong battles.

          • Jon West

            You have to forgive the collapse. They always do. From Afonja, Aburi, Biafra, June 12 and now with the Certificateless One, they are playing true to type. Trust them at your peril.

        • Jon West

          AA, I write for the truth and for the education of the youth, denied knowledge of their own history by barely literate jackboots in uniform(like your former hero), who wanted to hide their crimes against the Igbo, Africans and humanity in the Biafran genocide. Thankfully, the most wicked of the jackboots , the Certificateless Dullard from Daura, has been outed by fate an even in his very painful exit from this world, he is still been disgraced and put into the trash heap of history , even before his impending demise.

      • Darcy

        Pardon me, but why should American Abroad “apologise to Nigerians”. The 5000 or so people who read the online dailies barely made a dent on the election.

        • Jon West

          He should apologise to those 5000 or so people.

          • Darcy

            Why? All he did was share his opinion. Aren’t they unthinking children??

            Nwa Ani Igbo, you take everything too seriously.

          • Jon West

            Everything is too serious. Nigeria and Africa are both dying because we are not serious even in big things, let alone something that involves only 5000 people,

    • Toby

      I’m loving this. I just wish I was out here..somewhere abroad..America even with Trump and the white supremacist….far better than here with Buhari.

    • William Norris

      LOL… last, an admission that you and your fellow Zombies were WRONG. Needlessly long winded, still somewhat diffident and worst of all, still insistent that you were RIGHT. What confusion !!!

      On Jonathan, your depiction of him doesn’t accord with the record of history. All Nigeria has needed for a long time is a government and POPULACE dedicated to freedom – for business, for the tribes, for the individual. Jonathan and OBJ took Nigeria the furthest along that path but THE PEOPLE of Nigeria refused to go along with them.

      The problem with the APC is that they represent the worst instincts of the Nigerian people….the will to STEAL from others, to obtain with NO WORK or effort. To illustrate, do you understand what Buhari has done with the petrol market? It’s beyond the scope here, but they have basically used a policy of regulating the naira to create a scarcity of forex which forces most businesses to be dependent on government. This dependence has become the lever with which the APC government has taken control of the economy and like anything controlled by government, the result has been disastrous.

      Anyhow, enjoy the CHANGE. It’s a pity even the so-called intellectuals couldn’t get it right but then you’re NIGERIAN, what else can one expect LOL !!!

      • LagLon

        there is a great fear that envelopes some men when left to their own devices…
        its been that way since the beginning of man.

    • BankyMons

      Good grief! What an absolute tripe – just apologise for campaigning for Buhari and stop writing this epistle for us to endure!

    • bigdaddy

      The fact remains that GEJ was just not fit to continue as president. The only other alternative was Buhari. Has he impressed me? Of course no. But i believe the country would have been in worse shape if GEJ had been reelected.
      2019 is around the corner and personally unless he shapes up, i will be casting my vote for someone else. I think we are in trouble because i just do not see anyone at the moment that might be able to turn this country in the right direction. Any recommendations?

      • American Abroad

        Big Daddy:
        Once more, the cycle comes back full circle. Yet again, history shows us up, that as a society we lack men of purpose, men of conscience, honest men, men who do not lie. It is no accident that the three most pervasive problems in today’s Nigeria are Education, Religion and Conscience: those are also the three commodities not governed by the Laws of Supply and Demand: the less people have, the less they notice, the less they also want. We do have counterfeit versions of all three, which is an entirely different story for another day.

        Our politicians are turncoat, selling out to practically anybody, compromised by their own serial weaknesses. Hence, previous leaders are routinely “debriefed” by foreign intelligence services, effectively spying on their own governments, in order to protect their “interests” (purloined state assets) overseas; the National Assembly, which ought to serve as a check on an intemperate President or a bloodthirsty cabal in accordance with constitutional dictates, is taking cover to avoid the searchlight of EFCC, as they all have a history of corruption (ever wonder why the “Commonsense Senators” are now deathly quiet whilst this nation burns?); the public are willing to look the other way provided their own ethnicities are not bearing the brunt of today’s murderous outrage.

        We are a very difficult society, we have also been serially short-changed, we have (understandably) become very suspicious of each other and the motives of those who mean to help us. Still, it has to change, as we are looking down an abyss, readying for an encore of another Civil War. In times past, I had vociferously protested Abacha’s extremism and Daddy-Knows-Best approach to government, earning me an Ofemmanu (or nowadays, I guess it would be Afonja) sobriquet. I thought neither Obi nor Zaki-Biam should ever happen in a democracy, for which everybody (at least, the Commentators) assumed I must be a Middle-Belter: I have had dinner with Jack Gowon during my Oxbridge days, but he ain’t no kin of mine. When I protested the unfairness of not elevating the feckless (and dissolute) Mr Jonathan to Yar’Adua’s factually vacant post (even though Yar’Adua still had apples at that time, though apparently very little else), I was accused of being Ijaw; not just any Ijaw, but riverine, saltwater, Kinkana, push-me-I-push-you, died-in-the-wool Ijaw. Oh, well. Later, on when I insisted that no alcoholic should be left in control of the levers of a complex government, I was accused of being Fulani, even an “irredentist” Fulani, whom I have never met, and am still not certain what it actually means, right here on these BackPages (I could name names, but what’s the point?). Right about now, I suspect I am currently Abia Igbo, which is no shame: we are all IPOB now, if this unfolding carnage continues. Ask yourself: why would my ethnicity matter, or even worse, affect my thinking?

        We simply do not have anyone with the qualities to uplift this sad nation, the few we have will have nothing to do with politics, those in politics are irretrievably compromised. As a kid growing up in Nigeria, we had men of integrity, men who never lied: Wole Soyinka (who has bled and been scourged in the service of his fatherland, contemporary revisionism notwithstanding), Gamaliel Onosode, Sir Louis Mbanefo, Kashim Ibrahim (father, not son), Mr Ayo Irikefe, Francis Ellah, Balarabe Musa, Mallam Aminu Kano (who was also, a personal friend), Abubakar Umar (when he wasn’t playing to the gallery), Alex Ekwueme (still, historically, the only Nigerian politician who ever served a 4-year term in office and came out POORER than the was going in), Mobolaji Johnson, Tam David-West (on his good days), and a few others, such as my own father, who I will not identify here. Sadly, tragically, most of those are now dead or dying. Those that might have carried on with that tradition have left the country for the Philistines. It’s either that or a Rapture.

        Mark my words: neither El-Rufai, Atiku, Osibanjo, Lamido, Kwankwaso, Okonjo-Iweala nor Peter Obi is the answer.

        I will no longer comment on this topic.

        • bigdaddy

          It is hard to find humour in the Nigerian situation but i could not help myself going through your 3rd paragraph. What you captured in that paragraph lies at the heart of what i think is wrong with us and i dare say the rest of Africa. You cannot have an opinion on any issue without your ethnicity being interrogated.
          So where do we go from here?
          Is balkanization based on ethnicity the answer? I am afraid it will not solve the problem. South ready is a ready example. There are too many tribes in this country and we may end up with more than 300 countries that will surely be non viable. I am really at a loss. Perhaps we need to drag those with the ability to lead this(thrashing and all) to assmue leadership.

        • LagLon


      • austin

        If you really believe that the votes would count in 2019, then you are in for a second disappointment. It is only a “fool” like Jonathan that would setup an election that he has a chance of losing out in. Nobody other Nigerian leader would be that “foolish”.

      • onyema22ohaka

        The north decided to make project Nigeria ungovernable for GEJ ably suppored by their afonja co-travellers. Every effort was made to sabotage his government including using bokoharam.
        We know buhari for what he truly is and warned. Of course the chicken are coming home to roost & the worst is yet to come.

        • bigdaddy

          Excuses excuses excuses. Please try some other excuse for GEJ failures. This one is well worn.

    • LagLon

      buhari is and was always dangerous.
      he was barabbas, a non-choice. the MAD option.
      you should have seen it. i warned my friends, staff, everyone i could.
      theyre odd now. im happy now.
      judgement is an important trait in humans, it is limited to the mature and can be obfuscated by ones intellect. too much sense blocks common sense!
      learn from this. read more history and learn that democracy can be uncomfortable, difficult, it may require patience and dialogue.
      PMB was never an option, because GEJ was doing fine, just slipping on corruption..
      ..but now the chopping is at the same quantum – just different people – and that was the real pmb problem he came to solve!!
      also he has downgraded to quality of governance and those people in office..
      it was always going to happen….
      …there is no projection onto buhari that could have discounted this, so one has to look inward – at ones innate bias.. judgement.

  • Gonzaga

    The blessings that will come to Shaka will span generations yet unborn. How can a man be so truthful in a country of lies and hypocrisy?

    Can anyone, focusing on all Shaka has raised in this piece, point out any lie or half truth in what he has written?

    Shame and pride will not allow most of them to admit it. But all those who peddled the lies that brought this disaster upon us will suffer a shameful end one way or the other.

  • Ekenny

    Unfortunately Buhari only reads cartoons! When he starts reading the opinion expressed in columns as this one, maybe by then he will change his ways, otherwise pray that 2019 comes very soon!

  • Paul

    Buhari, deep in his heart does not believe in Nigeria, the IPOB members for too long believed in Nigeria more than Buhari. Since Buhari, was removed from office in 1985 he has never shared any known opinion of his idea of what Nigeria should be, we have never had him makes speeches to the youth in any Nigerian University or other institutions of high learning of how to be a patriotic Nigerian, or have anyone seen an opinionated view in any Nigerian Newspapers of Buhari’s view on his vision for Nigeria. The few times that Buharia spoke was only for thing concerning the North

    • Pot and kettle

      God bless you Paul. You said it all. We have a president who doesn’t believe in the country he’s leading , or rather ruling. For Buhari Nigeria is occupied territory for the victorious North.

  • Lydia

    Thank you shaka. In a polluted journalism space where the likes of Segun Adeniyi and Dele Momodu dish out crass stupidity on weekly basis, you have proven to be the last man standing. Your opinion about tha Daura relics has never changed from the word go and i respect and commend you for that. As for that brown envelope addict that smashes my midweek with fat lies and well conceived prejudices coupled with that weekend malaria on saturdays, i can only say shame on them.

    • sadiqueens

      Of course he is yet to come to terms with the shocking defeat of his rapacious and clueless uncle Johnathan
      If the level of stealing by his administration hadn’t been as atrocious as it was Nigerians will by now not be in this mess which PMB is currently trying to clesr up
      Have you ever wondered why it seems only our Eastern brothers seems fixated on getting this administration to fail? It’s because same lopsidedness in appointment PMB is being accused of was also evident in the cursed regime of GEJ, but they were the beneficiaries in that regim but due to their parasitic nature they can’t imagine being on the receiving end of their served dish
      Nigerians are no fools we know the sources of our current economic woes

      • Daniel

        You are just like Buhari. Very clueless and hardhearted on critical national issues.

        Buhari has an expiry date. We awai it.

        • sadiqueens

          I laugh at you in Spanish because i guess you were struck with both blindness and deafness when your alcoholic hero and his harem were looting the country blind.
          Now that the cankerworm has being dislodged all of you his beneficiaries can’t seem to get over the shock.
          Don’t worry you will be fine

          • Obi Ike Sorres

            Stop using that propaganda that used for winning election by the APC. After 2019 we know how Buhari fared too in corruption cases

          • Priestley Okorro

            How about the grass cutter?

          • sadiqueens

            Last time i checked he is on suspension. Did the perpetually drunk Otueke fisherman do same with Allison Madueke his queen when she was so accused?

          • sadiqueens

            Guess all the billions being forfeited without anyone claiming them are also propagandas right? Seems your heroes alcoholic addition is shared by you all his proteges

          • Daniel

            I am only trying to save you from your mental slavery.

            Question : list the benefits of your Nigerian citizenship.

            Educate the public.

          • sadiqueens

            Just saw the result of your Biafran citizenship on SM this evening. Congratulations Ipob pigs and piglets

          • Daniel

            You mean yyouiu cannot defend your Nigerian citizenship?

            Again, tell us why you love Nigeria.

            This is not a JAMB question, else I regard you as a slave.

      • ifeanyi victor

        All of you from buhari’s clan are damned stupid and liars.
        All this propaganda,GEJ jonathan’s govt had not stolen a tenth of what every northern and obasanjo government stole.
        And mind you,because you uneducated fools are fund of peddling falsehood,IPOB group or whatever,even though I don’t believe in their objective,have never supported any nigerian government and actually campaigned for bycott of national elections in the east,Jonathan never rolled army out against people exercising their right to self determination to aggravate matter and turn around to blame the victim.
        As for appointments in nigeria,northerners have been getting unmerited advantages,it was for them to be accommodated that quota system and federal character was introduced due to the fact that they lack educated and qualified human professionals,how come then that they want everything to the exclusion of merit?.

        • sadiqueens

          Why are you igbos crying more than the bereaved? Even the Ijaws have come to terms with the kleptocracy of the GEJs Govt but for you in the East your inability to survive outside of the ruling party is fast becoming a curse on your race
          Now you need to respect the westerners for their sagacity in maintaining opposition politics over the years as against your own parasitic existence

          • ifeanyi victor

            Igbos cannot survive outside the ruling party but those young men want their own independent republic of biafra,how daft can you be?
            It is the rest of the Nigerian populace who don’t want igbos out,especially northern freeloaders that are afraid and can’t be independent without others,bending rules all the time to make things easier for them,discrediting meritocracy at the alter of quota system.
            Igbos are doing well all over the world,even in nigeria that everything is deliberately designed to cage them and pauperize.
            Where else are northerners doing well outside nigeria,how many of them work in IOCs outside NNPC?
            How many northerners are doing well in US,Europe&Asia?
            You’re only looting nigerian patrimony with the SW,and I blame Jonathan and his people’s stupidity.
            We know what government obasanjo and co did for dangote and that’s how you do your business and your legion of retired army General robbers.
            Don’t ever talk about igbo not surviving or afraid of surviving,you can learn about igbos by visiting Guanzhou in china,and find out what they’re doing there.
            Igbos are competent and world standard operators,and are the most successful nigerians in america according to professors Amy Chu and Jen Rubenfield of Yale university,in their books”World on fire” and “Battle cry of tiger mothers”.
            According to emir sanusi,if not for nigeria,you core1northerners would have been the poorest region in the world,in league with your brothers in chad,niger etc.
            If you guys experience a tenth or less of what igbos go through in nigeria,you would have evaporated,you lazy lots pampered in everything.

          • Akaraka

            Nde’wo sir.

          • Obi Ike Sorres

            The foreign power also using north to hold Nigeria for their interest

          • Shehu Monguno

            Sadiq, Victor is not lying. Not only have we raped the national treasury, we also raped our own people

      • kamary06

        You guys are steadily breaking GEJ records in INFAMY!

        • sadiqueens

          Not even Abacha and Idiamin combined can come near your heroes record in kleptocrasy so don’t worry his place in the book of Infamy isn’t under any threat and thankfully NEVER AGAIN will Nigeria ever have the misfortune of having his kind in power again


      • Ify Onabu

        In the days of ‘stealing’ Jonathan, most Nigerians had at least three square meals a day. Tell me, how many meals per day do you now have? What is the cost of a bag of rice and what is the value of your minimum wage?

        • John Paul

          Here is how it happened:

          1. By squandering the $30 billion that OBJ and Yar Adua left in our reserves;

          2. By squandering the proceeds of $100/barrel of oil for 4 straight years; and

          3. By ending up borrowing to pay federal salaries by the end of their tenure and leaving us in debt

          The last administration makes the proverbial prodigal son look frugal. They were a complete waste of time

          • Dan

            Right on the money. The level of stealing and corruption going at that time was so momentous that everyone could afford to eat from the so called national cake. Even the crumbs that fell from the table had some meager rats filling their bellies. Now, oil money is not the same as before, reserves have dropped, debts have piled up and the interest, repayments are strangling us etc. We are not even talking about BH that had overtaken over 80% of Borno and was expanding to the South West. For the sheer sake of reducing BH attacks to the barest minimum, i can have a soft stance for Buhari’s failures compared to the drunkard from Otuoke who let Diezani, Dasuki & others rape nigeria of its wealth and claims ignorance.

          • share Idea

            It is only under Buhari administration that price of refined fuel is increased when the raw material (crude oil) price is falling. What was your position when GEJ asked for removal fuel subsidy? Do you expect to consume fuel and not pay the right price

          • Mayo

            By squandering the proceeds of $100/barrel of oil for 4 straight years – Really? Pray, who came up with the idea of saving the difference between the budget peg and the price of oil in a ‘special’ savings account? Who went to court to insist the money should be shared? Who spent the money? Who spent billions of dollars on a metro line that is not working today?

          • taiwo

            And where did the fg save its share of the excess crude account?

          • share Idea

            Please never engage all these APC e-mob that are on the payroll of Lie M…

          • Priestley Okorro

            Nigerian Guardian publishes the price of crude every wednesday. Oil price was not over a hundred dollars for four straight years. Please google and check. Do not or exagerate.

        • sadiqueens

          Since you seem to suffer from selective amnesia i will help jog your memory a bit.
          1 ) States started having problems paying salaries in 2013
          2) Petroleum subsidy jumped from #250b in 2010 to #2tr in 2011 without any undue increase in population
          3) When your alcoholic hero was busy ferrying $ all around the country to buy votes for the 2015 elections did you really believe that your quality of life was going to remain the same afterwards?
          4) All the unclaimed billions currently being recovered and pumped into the economy, did you think their withdrawal would leave the exchange rate the same?

          In your mentorship journey with that drunkard from Otueke kindly refrain from imbibing his alcoholism lest you end up a disgrace to your race and nation like he did because am already seeing the same intellectual deficiency that was his undoing in your mode of reasoning


          • share Idea

            It is only under Buhari that EFCC discover money without owner nor charge person accused of money laundry to court. Keep allowing yourself to be deceived by this lying government

      • Michael Kadiri SocioPolitical

        Clearly suffering from stockholm syndrome

      • Mexy

        Jonathan was grossly incompetent by every known standard but Buhari just raised the bar of incompetency Period.

        • ken ejiofor

          you are a genius

        • sadiqueens

          Don’t get it twisted no human being created by God Can challenge his level of incompetence.
          He is in a class of his own

  • Intrepid

    One of the few that gives the voiceless and down-troden HOPE. God bless you for your relentlessness in upholding the truth.

  • ogbuefiakajiaku

    Shaka the great our leader;you have spoken well. He who has ears let him hear the words from the wisdom fountain.