Lawani: HP is in Nigeria for the Long Term


The Retail Account Manager, Central Africa of HP Inc, Mr. Tolulope Lawani, in providing details of the newly launched HP Ink Tank Series in Nigeria and the value they bring to the market place, told Emma Okonji that his company’s business in Nigeria is designed for the long term. Excerpts: 



What are the peculiar features of the HP DeskJet GT 5810/5820 All-in-One printer that would distinguish them in the market?

The products were developed based on our market experience and consumer feedback. They feature a high-capacity ink tank system that delivers excellent quality at an extremely low cost per page. Also, the process of replenishing the ink is clean and easy to handle with the HP spill-free refill system. This feature goes a long way in ensuring seamless and uninterrupted workflow and higher productivity. The inking system is designed in such a manner that you will get crisp and sharp text, vibrant graphics, reliability and so much more. Another major innovation is the ease with which you can print. Rather than physically move to the printer, you have the convenience of printing from a smartphone or tablet through the GT 5820 model.

What are the other features that distinguished them from others?

Other features of these products are that they have sharper lines, darker blacks, and reduced smudging on coloured papers, thus producing top quality printing and documents. By using the original HP inks, the user is assured of durable colour photos that resist water and fading, ensuring that photos and documents are preserved for several decades.

Let me also add that the products are easy to monitor and maintain. They are designed with the intention that human intervention and the disruption that they can cause are highly minimised. Just automate the process and it will independently give you the desired result. It is consistent and durable, ensuring high-quality results for everyday documents and photos. It also has capacity for borderless printing for brochures, flyers, photos and much more.

Today’s printing technology is determined by high operational speed. Can that be said of the DeskJet GT 5810/5820 All-in-One printer?

The HP DeskJet GT 5810/5820 All-in-One printer can be set up in record time. The system is designed to be up and running in minutes, whereas similar products by our competitors do take up to 40 minutes to set up to print for the first time. Our products come with an Original HP GT51 black ink bottle that enables prompt set-up and printing. Another icing on the cake is that you have a one-year commercial hardware warranty, 24-hour,  seven days a week web and technical support in our care centres across the country. Our overarching intention in designing these products is to ensure exceptional output no matter what you print. The key functions of this amazing product can be described in four words – print, copy, scan, wireless.

What particular segment of the market are you targeting with the new products?

A wide variety of market segments can use the products. However, they are ideal for high-volume users as well as small and micro-businesses that need low-cost, high-volume printing. Take the instance of someone who runs a business centre at a university campus, where there is high demand for volume and prompt delivery. These products will ensure that documentation, whether they are projects, thesis, tests, designs, and even books, among others, are quickly done and in good numbers. The 5820 also offers easy mobile printing options for users who want the freedom to print from their smartphones or tablets.

What specific features underline the coinage – Ink Tank Series?

The HP DeskJet GT 5810/5820 All-in-One comes with a set of three original HP GT52 colour ink bottles, plus an original HP GT51 black ink bottle that enables prompt set-up and printing. The high-yield HP GT51/52 ink bottles are specifically designed for high-volume printing. Original HP inks are specially formulated to work with the all-in-one, which ensures that printing is simple and reliable, with amazing results every time. The additional enhancement in the ink supply capacity underscores what we have dubbed the Ink Tank Series.


What is the print capacity?

The product has the capacity to print up to 8,000 colour pages and 5,000 black and white pages. It is that high. Whether you are a big or small business or even a startup, you will find the printer very adaptable to your need.

The HP’s unique spout design prevents ink from filling past the tank’s maximum fill line. All you have to do is simply plug the bottle into the ink tank and let it drain; there will be no squeezing or spilling. In essence, this feature prevents the messy overflow of ink and enables you to produce quality print-out all the time. There are no cartridges.

By having the opportunity to print for a longer period of time without having to replenish the ink, you will agree with me that there will be significant improvement in the workflow and level of productivity. You are also availed the opportunity to monitor ink levels with transparent ink tanks, which ensures that you can easily replenish whenever you like, thus preventing a disruption of the workflow. So, the transparent ink tanks allow you to print with confidence. Note also that the customised icon enables you to monitor the number of copies printed.

Can you throw more light on what you mean by ‘low cost per page’? 


Since you can easily see the ink levels and replenish when it’s convenient, you will avoid the extra cost of cleaning the mess resulting from a spill-over as well as a reduction in output due to disruption in the workflow. Also, as earlier indicated, the products can deliver up to 8,000 printouts in the colour set or up to 5,000 printouts in black. Based on the principle of economy of scale, the cost of printing per page reduces as more copies are printed, simple. Our products are developed to match the needs of the various segments of the economy, and that includes price affordability.

Where can customers buy these products in Nigeria?

We have a network of distributors, dealers and vendors spread across Nigeria. There are, of course,  thousands of stores across the country where you can purchase our products, including the HP DeskJet GT 5810/5820 All-in-One printer. Our major sales dealers and stores are located in Lagos (Ikeja, Ikoyi, Victoria Island), Port Harcourt, Abuja Kano, Ibadan, Enugu, and Warri, among other cities. There are also numerous authorised HP service centres in the country.

How is the country’s massive population enhancing sales of your products in the market place?

Nigeria being the largest population in Africa and the second largest economy, its growth potential remains high and the country still represents a real market opportunity for us.  As I said earlier, we are here for the long term. As a development partner, HP will remain steadfast in supporting the growth and development of Nigeria.

We must also acknowledge that every business needs to have a clear understanding of the environment or economy where it operates and must undertake a review of its operational template when the need arises if it hopes to compete and be profitable. Nigeria is an emerging economy with enormous potential.