1,000 Benefit from Boska Free Medical services


By Martins Ifijeh

Major Pain killer Company, DexaMedica makers of Boska recently conducted a wave of its Pain Free Day initiative at Gezewa Market in Kano to help consumers stay fit during intense period.

The Pain Free Day initiative, according to the Brand Executive DexaMedicam, Joseph Christopher is aimed at improving consumers’ health and raising awareness of the risks associated with inadequate care of oneself.

“From qualitative findings, we observed that consumers need to be aware of how to take care of themselves, and to know that Boska brand is available to help them stay fit when the body tends to be down with pains.”

He said the team provided the opportunity for consumers to see health experts who gave full range of health services for free. They provided free eye glasses for those in need as well as prescribed drugs to treat eye, ear and nose defects.

He said the Pain Free Day Initiative was especially designed to keep consumers fit as they go about their domestic and work activities, adding that, he is confident that DexaMedica will continue to improve the delivery of quality health care for consumers in the months ahead.