NBC Bans Songs by Olamide, Davido, 9ice


The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has banned five songs by major Nigerian musicians — Olamide, Davido and 9ice — having considered them offensive for broadcast.
The banned songs are Olamide’s “Wo” and “Wavy Level”, Davido’s “Fall” and “If (Remix)”, and 9ice’s “Living Things”.

The corporation released the list Tuesday, saying it banned the five songs from being aired across the Nigerian airwaves, reported online news medium, Premium Times.
The Federal Ministry of Health had in a tweet on Friday, said the video to Olamide’s “Wo” violated the Tobacco Control Act.

The 28-year-old rapper, who is signed to his own record label, YBNL, had returned to Ladi Lak in Bariga where he was raised to shoot the video of his latest single.
“This is our position: the video contravenes the Act. Innocently or otherwise, Tobacco promotion advertising sponsorship is banned in all forms,” the NBC said.

It could not immediately be ascertained why the songs of the two other musicians were banned.
In June this year, the federal government, through the Ministry of Health, had launched a campaign to ban smoking in public places, including bus parks, shopping malls and health care centres.

The Health Ministry, in a communiqué, said according to Section 9 of the Nigeria Tobacco Control Act, once convicted, offenders are liable to a fine of at least N50,000 and/or six months imprisonment.
Tweeting the information via its official Twitter handle, the ministry claimed that the video, which features ghetto scenes in which youths are seen smoking, encouraged second-hand smoking.

This is not the first time that an Olamide song will be banned by the regulatory agency.
In 2016, just a few months after the ban of one of his songs, “Shakiti Bobo,” NBC also banned “Don’t Stop”, a track from Olamide’s fifth studio album, Eyan Mayweather, for its vulgar lyrics.

Defending the decision at the time, the NBC said the song was banned from being played on the airwaves for its “obscenity, being indecent, vulgar language, lewd and profane expressions”.
Rapper Falz had also in June, criticised Nigerian musicians who glamourise fraud with their lyrics, a criticism fans took to be directed at 9ice for “Living Things”.

The actor and rapper stated that the recent trend of hailing internet fraudsters in music was not helping future generations, as young people were beginning to see this as a normal way of life.
He recalled the personal experience of the challenges faced by Nigerians in other countries as a result of cybercrime.

  • Simon Sanicee Standard

    As a third world country, Nigeria government only believed, in corruption, Dan civilization, are dey not watching foreigners, Lil Wayne, Drake,and even Fela our brother.

  • Simon Sanicee Standard


  • Milito

    Hmmmm….Nigerians sef! Anyway I won’t waste energy analyzing this very senseless announcement. Daniel and Ayo have done justice to that already. Well done guys! Let just add that the announcement is really of no effect as it won’t stop those tracks from being played at homes and on personal electronic devices. I can bet my dough that even those banning these songs will be enjoying them secretly. Bunch of hypocrites and hippopotamus!

  • Chukwuemeka Mbagwu

    Although I am not an ardent listener to the music of most Nigerian artistes because many of them have nothing to teach, I believe that songs that are vulgar and videos that are indecent should be checked. This has nothing to do with Olumide or Davido, I am talking in a general sense. It is true that American and European artistes glorify immorality in their songs but that is not an excuse for us to do likewise.

    • naija4life Naija4lifestyle

      Well said. I couldnt have put it better. About time such a Board is brought into being,especially when musicians glorify 419ners,lewdness ,crude and vulgar languages, we must make sure that the wrong message/s iare not passed on to the young ones who look on those Musicians as Role models.

      • austin

        That horse has already bolted

    • Zico

      You are right Mr. Mbagwu.

  • Daniel Obior

    Government should please leave these kids alone. Before they single-handedly invented themselves in the music and movie worlds to put Nigerian music and films in the world stage, the country was flooded with all types of songs and music from mainly America and Britain. Some of those imported music contained lyrics of unprintable words, particularly rap music. They were not banned in their country of origin, neither were they banned here by NBC. The Nigerian government that did virtually nothing to promote and encourage these boys, have all of a sudden decided to seek relevance when the boys have become successful, by banning their music. The claim of tobacco advertisement in Olamide’s song is spurious. What brand of cigarette did he advertise, in the first place? Government through NBC should find something more worthwhile to do and leave our local musicians alone to continue to do what they know how to do best, which is releasing good music for our pleasure and enjoyment, and the admiration of the rest of the world.

    • ayo

      I cannot agree more . There are all kinds of western genre music circulating our airwaves without any restriction but NBC would rather focus on attacking our musicians while countries all over the world are in awe of our afrobeats. NBC has not brought out any workable policies to help combat piracy and empower the content creators and other associated service providers . The industry has has a lot of potential but lack of creativity and innovation by NBC still leave a lot of these artistes at the mercy of pirates and in a cycle of conflicts with their producers. As we speak their is not structural legal framework for this industry yet they want to ban songs.

      A better solution is to let broadcasting chanels air these songs after 11p.m. since we now have 24 hours channels or enforce music channels to create to genres of channels for transmission 1) Family Music Channel : That will contain music content that can watched regardless of age and 2) Hardcore Channels : Contains all songs.

      This banning thing is imbecilic.