An Incautious Retaliatory Quit Notice


In an attempt to fight back, the Niger Delta militants recently issued a retaliatory quit notice to the northerners living in their region. However, in their own retaliation, the order was extended to the Yoruba too, thus heightening tension, even as the development has since elicited reactions from leaders of thought, all of whom had condemned the move in its totality.

There is no gainsaying the fact that the Arewa Youths, who were evidently provoked by the Biafran obsession of some Igbo youths, under the illusions and hypnosis of Nnamdi Kanu, overreached themselves by issuing an October deadline to the Igbo living in the north to quit their land.

To this insensate order, Southern and northern leaders had risen to the occasion and are believed to be making progress. This is why the obviously needless and unprovoked order by the militants was deemed ill-conceived and should be condemned in all its forms.

The fabrics of the nation have become weak and fragile, moves like this will finally tear it down and the result could be catastrophic. This calls for caution while the leaders continue to ponder the way forward.