Late Professor Peller’s Son, Zeeto’s Elevation


How time flies!  It all happened like yesterday when Prof. Moshood  Abiola  Peller, who was unarguably Africa’s greatest magician of his time, was gruesomely  murdered at his Lagos home exactly 20 years ago.

It is however relieving that even in death,  the memories of the Oyo State-born magician has remained indelible in the minds of his family,  fans and contemporaries.

In life, Prof. Peller,  as he was famously known, took magic practice to a dizzying height,  a feat that earned him the respect of his contemporaries at home and abroad.

Interestingly, following  his passing,  some of his children have taken up  the baton of magic, all in the bid to keep the memories of their father alive.

In particular, one of his children, Saheed Peller, a.k.a Zeeto, has passionately been involved in the practice. Indeed, the  Law graduate of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife  is making no mean efforts to fill the vacuum created by his father in the  world of magic.

 So far,  fair-complexioned  Zeeto is known to have revived   the art of magic in the country as his services are mostly being sought by corporate organisations.

As proof of his dedication to the art,  Zeeto has moved up the ladder in the world of magic by securing a seat as a member of the internationally accredited league of magicians.  By this,  he has been able to fill the vacant slot created by the death of his father. Zeeto’s  elevation in the global circle was announced at the  ongoing  Convention of the International Brotherhood  of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians in the  United States of America.

Meanwhile,  it was gathered that the family of the late magician would be rolling out the drums for his 20th anniversary.

Until his death,  Prof. Peller was a prominent member of the internationally accredited association of magicians, where he competed and was crowned the best magician in Africa.