Josla Targets Banks, Customers with New Apps


Information Communication Technology Company, Josla Electric Company Limited, has unveiled a new web and mobile-based solution for use by operators and costumers in banking services.

The application, Cloud Automated Spend Bank Analytics, CASBA, is a self-service solution integrated with a chatbot interface to provide users with alternatives and convenient platform needed to execute banking transactions round the clock.

 Speaking at the official launch of the product, Chief Executive Officer of the firm, Akinlabi Ajelabi, noted that the app which was developed under seven months was useful in solving banks’ problems in-house as well as customers’ problems.

He stated that while there were other existing e-payment platforms, the new app functions to optimise and complement other related platforms for efficiency, and not to supplant them.

 “As a business, we are targeting financial institutions for Business to Business, B2B, marketing for technology consultation, cognitive banking and cloud computing while our Business to Consumer, B2C marketing targets everyday users. The app being a 24/7 automated customer support system would enable a user to open an account in three minute with Biometric Verification Number.

 “Banks can easily monitor their businesses from any location and even track customers’ demands. The latest provides spend analytics on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly transactions as well as credit scoring for individuals requiring funds access,” he explained.

 He added that CASBA, unlike other apps integrate trending messaging applications like WhatsApp, technology (Artificial intelligence and Cloud Computing) to create an alternative and convenient platform for users by interacting with what they were already familiar with.

 Describing the app further, Co-founder of Josla, Akintola Adesanmi said that CASBA had in it, a solution called KIRA, an intelligence robot that solves all kinds of banking issues.

 While he noted that the app was targeted at the financial institutions at the moment, he assured that it could be applied in every other sector that deals with customers.

 “CASBA app is data reliant. In other words, it is effective with organisations that have data and that are why we are exploring the financial institutions because they have data and customers they interact with. The app is trained and improved on regularly to harness, structure and off course, utilise data rightly to help bank and customers respond to challenges at any time of the day,’ Adesanmi said.

 He added that the firm had entered into strategic partnership with a digital payment technology company, Flutterwave Inc., to provide adequate security for customers.

 “As far as we are aware of security threat to innovation like this, we have been able to tackle this through our partnership with Flutterwave which offerings are viable for our front end solutions. We also have relationship with IBM to provide optimal security to our users. IBM as we all know, has over 100 years in delivering enterprise solutions to their customers”.