Mobos Fashion Launches New Outfit at Ikeja City Mall


Sunday Okobi and Emmanuel Ella

A lifestyle retail brand, Mobos Fashion Store, has launched its latest outlet at Ikeja City Mall, Alausa, Lagos State. At the official launch of the outfit at the weekend in Lagos, Mobos Fashion Chief Executive Officer , Mrs. Omobowale Biobaku, noted that the brand, which has branches in strategic locations within the metropolis, came into existence in 2004.

According to her, “We have a brand called VR and is exclusively carried by Mobos Fashion. And what we do is to dress women elegantly and decently. So, in Mobos, we are not limited to one thing. We give you your shoes, your bags, your clothes and other accessories, so you are not limited to one thing as we are actually like make over for lifestyle fashion.’’

Biobaku further stated that “we are distinct because as a Nigerian brand, we cater for all classes and ensure they look elegant, decent and confident.

On her an ideal fashion icon, Biobaku submitted that the stylish woman combines well with her accessories beautifully irrespective of prices, adding that summarily, “we inspire confidence in our women.

“I don’t really believe in price tag. Being fashionable doesn’t mean you break a bank. You cut your coat according to your cloth.”
The Mobos CEO further stated that Nigerian women are best dressers globally to correct an age-long stereotype that westerners were more fashionable. “Nigerian women are the most fashionable in the world. Think about it, there is nowhere you go to and you see a Nigerian lady without seeing the traces of natural beauty and fashion in them. Nigerian woman always look cute and that is what Mobos has come to Ikeja to compliment,” Biobaku noted.

“Mobos is number one lifestyle retail brand in Nigeria. We have an online shop for easier access. And our accessories and products which address all, including casuals, are very affordable.

“We also cut our coat according to our size. The most important thing is to know your source in your business, a lot of businesses these days don’t know about that; you must know what you are and find where your strength is and where your source is, then I believe the sky is only the beginning.”