FG’s Decision to Takeover Missionary Schools Led to Collapse of Education System


Adedayo Akinwale in Abuja

The Bishop of Diocese of Kubwa, Abuja, Dr. Duke Akamisoko, said the decision of the federal government during the administration of Gen. Yakubu Gowon (rtd) to take over the missionary schools in the country led to the collapse of the country’s education system.

The Anglican bishop who described the level of the deterioration of the country’s education sector ‘a national disaster’ noted that educating a man without the fear of God is a dangerous education.
He made this known, in Abuja, while delivering a paper on ‘Repositioning Christian Education’, at the 9th graduation ceremony of the Africa International College.

According to him, “it’s quite clear, the evidences are there, early 70s under the administration of Gowon‎ I think, as at that time about 60 to 70 per cent of secondary and primary schools were owned by Christian organisations, churches and all that and they took them over and the first thing they do was to say no more Christian prayers, no more Bible and it became the beginning and the result is here with us today.”

“Thank God some states are giving back those school‎s to the missionary to reinvigorate and put more life into them. As I said when you are educating somebody without the fear of God in him, then, it’s a dangerous education. ”
Akamisoko said the way out is to bring back the Bible and instill the fear of God into the children at the early age.
The Anglican bishop described the myriads of problems facing the country in all the sectors as a national disaster.

“It’s a national crisis that we are in and from every evidence, the government as of now, I don’t see them giving us any solution, I don’t see any solution in place for what they are doing for us, it’s a national disaster in education and health.
Bearing his mind on the decision of the federal government to bring back Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK), he said,” the issue of bringing it back is another issue, when you bring it back, there are no teachers to teach this subject. Go to universities, colleges of education today, nobody is doing CRK. The north is worse, it is worse that in all schools that there are no CRK teachers.”

Earlier, the School Principal, Mr. Mike Salazar said the graduating set was the best in the history of the school, adding that the set received the highest score in JAMB with 297.
He added that 47 graduating students scored ‎211 and above, while Cowbellpedia Mathematics completion overall best student in FCT with 98 percent was also a student of the school.
“We work very hard, no tricks, it’s just hard work. My teachers work very hard, my students work very hard and the parents contributed a lot for us to be able to do this. It just a matter of setting goals, knowing where you want to go and heading that direction.”