Biafra: Onwuka Names Self President, Appoints Utomi, Soludo, Gana as Ministers


Christopher Isiguzo in Enugu

The ongoing agitation for the Republic of Biafra on Monday assumed a new dimension as the Leader of the Biafra Zionist Federation (BZF), Mr. Benjamin Onwuka, declared himself as the new Biafran President as he announced an interim government to run the affairs of the Republic.

Onwuka was recently released from prison after being incarcerated for almost two years following his arrest when he attempted to take over Enugu Broadcast Station to declare the Republic.

Apart from declaring himself the President of Biafra Republic, Onwuka who briefed journalists in Enugu also named Professor Pat Utomi as the Foreign Affairs Minister.
“We have formed an interim government that will be in place till the next 30 days. The interim government will take off on August 1 and last till August 31, 2017.

“America is behind the Biafra people because former President Barrack Obama already endorsed Biafra before he left office and President Donald Trump will not go against it considering that it has formed part of America’s foreign policy,”
He named other members of the cabinet to include Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, Governor of Central Bank of Biafra (CBB); Mrs. Aruma Oteh- Finance Minister; former Personal Secretary to Late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu Petroleum Minister.

Others are Amarachi Ubani- Information; Ohanaeze President, Chief Nnia Nwodo, Ambassador to US; Prof. Jerry Gana, Transport; Labaran Maku, Aviation; a lecturer at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Mrs. Mary Okafor, Trade and Industry; Benny Lar, Secretary to the Government of the Republic; Gabriel Oluwole Osagie, Education; Prof Barth Nnaji, Energy; Philip Effiong Jnr., Health.

Onwuka equally announced that the Israelis would hold the positions of Defence, Agriculture, Internal Affairs, Inspector General of Police (IG) and Air Force, adding that they would also take 25 per cent of the civil service jobs in Biafra.

He said: “Israel will be key players in this government because there is so much corruption in Nigeria; so, they are coming to help us clean the system. They are coming to sweep the system. They will come up with agro-revolution and also abolish corruption very easily.

“Same goes for America; their companies will be in control of our oil industry. This is to reward them for what Obama did for us; Obama saved us even when we were in detention; they already passed death sentence on us even without our knowledge, but Obama’s intervention saved us.”

Onwuka called for full mobilisation of “Biafra security forces,” stressing that “all our security personnel in the army, police, air force, navy and others are hereby called upon to withdraw from Nigeria and join the Biafra Government.

“I am also calling on the avengers, the militants to come out from the creeks and join us to defend and protect Biafra. I’m beckoning on Asari Dokubo, Tompolo, Ateke Tom to come out and join us. I am calling on all our boys in Biafra land to come out. I’m not afraid, the US is with us.”
He equally slammed the Federal High Court sitting in Owerri, the Imo State capital, for allegedly refusing to free 10 of his members who were granted bail by the same court.

  • Kevaj

    I thought Biafra is supposed to be an Igbo agenda. I guess not. Its looking more like “The united national and international people of biafra”. Confusion!!!

  • nuelsymbol

    Kanu are you there ? What do you say to this development ? It become a messy affairs.Na so Ibo dey

  • nuelsymbol

    Kanu where are you? What do you say to this ?

  • sunny okocha

    Onwuka na wao this guy drink oha soup and chop okpa this is not a joke the guy does need a full mental health assessment to ascertain problem diagnosis and treatment before the guy enter street and starts attacking his own populace as a president we cant keep having sick presidents

  • wilsongaga

    I know serious fever can lead to madnesss, such is the case of this man and Nnamdi kanu,but what i don’t know is whose case is worst,I think they should be taken for holistic diagnosis to be able to determine treatment for them,Well i sympathize with the Igbos for allowing these lunatics to disgrace them on a daily basis all over the country.

  • chimex

    This guy must be a mad man. A never do well who could not even successfully capture ESBS that had no single security on location without being caught, thinks he can run a country successfully. No wonder he outsourced the security of his phantom nation. Ewu Ohafia. I am Proud Igbo and cannot and will never be a part of this Malaria dream of you and Kanu.

    • Love you brother for loving Nigeria – our beloved and God’s Own Country. One day Nigeria will achieve her true status as Africa’s greatest.

      There are only two countries in Africa – Nigeria and everyone else.

  • Otunba 1

    This is just a sarcasm, a cartoonist’s conjecture, a mock, a joke…and its funny! However, it does not imply that Biafrian Struggle is a farce. A referendum on Biafra will shock Nigeria with a near 100% YES!

  • Femi Pedro

    Is the Nigerian press really serious or want to be taken seriously?
    The only thing worth taking note of is the blind ambition of this Igbo biafra protagonists ala kanu and Onwuka wanting to take over other people’s land. We have seen this before and every other tribe must be ready to fight off noise making parasites. Nigerians beware and be prepared

  • Sarah

    Thank you This Day for reminding Buhari/Osinbajo Presidency that they cannot solve this secessionist problem by burying their heads in sand.

  • Samuel Okezie


  • Why is this guy dragging Rivers, Bayelsia, Cross-River and Akwa-Ibom States into his Biafra dream? There is no country on earth that will allow individuals or a group of individuals to cultivate seeds of secession in a nation.

    Despite the economic problems, Nigeria is still Africa’s largest GDP; larger than even South Africa. I have no idea which Nigerian citizen wants to be a Cameroonian or Togolese. If you think it’s tough in Nigeria, try becoming citizen of another African nation other than Nigeria and South Africa today.

    There are constitutional ways to secede from a nation. The Canadian example comes to mind when French Quebecers intended to break away from Canada. The separatists lost by a percentage point in a referendum…we need such similar votes within the 5 Igbo-speaking States and a separate vote casted along all Riverine States as well.

    Those advocating for secession must become first become an elected person(s) (Senators/House of Representative members; and or State Governor); second, the elected official(s) must organize for referendum in which “the people,” signal their support for separation; else how do we know that the real Igbo people supports these jamboree of idiots parading themselves as leaders of peace loving Igbo-Nigerians.

    An individual person cannot continue to dream and or cultivate seeds of disunity and secession within a country without going through the proper channel. These hoodlums need to be arrested, tried and lock up.

    • Femi Pedro

      I concur

  • Osanebi Osakuni

    Na waooh! Na sickness be this or drama? This one worioh!!

  • ychukwuka

    this day! could you please stop this propaganda?

  • Ify Onabu

    The whole thing has degenerated into a farce!

  • The Rt. or Lft. Hon NinjaK

    Dis wan na real Biafra Akpororo…..very interesting.

  • Adam Abbas

    Congratulations Onwuka. Thats a brave move. But you have not mentioned the capital or seat of Government for the Biafra Republic and the government secretariat where the militants and the boys shall report for assignments. I guess Namdi Kano should not made a spokesman for he will high jack the government as he stole the misson of massob and converted it to his own ipob. Onwuka dont allow petty thieves like kanu steal your mission.

    • Great point… but you cannot force other States to join the Biafra wish. States such as Rivers, Akwa-Ibom, Cross River, Bayelsia, Delta and even Benue State that I heard those hoodlums are asking the nation to give up to join Biafra.

      That is why we need a referendum election to resolve the issue once and for all.

      You wanna leave…good bye and you want to stay…join us to build a nation every African and people of black descent will be proud of. Nigeria is God’s answer for the black man.

      • Adam Abbas

        It seems you are taking these agitation noise seriously. dont waste your time. they are ALL GOLD DIGGERS. they are just looking for settlements the Nigerian way. Governance for the benefit of Nigerians ended with Gowon regime.(dont bother arguing as i have full dossier on that) Biafra is a business still in the investment stage, with branches in different locations and investors from different places. Those who created Massob had their outfit hijacked by one of their members to form another outfit IPOB. The NOISE AND AGITATION SHALL CONTINUE TILL THEY ARE INDIVIDUALLY SETTLED then silence will reign.As for the hopeless masses, so shall their hopelessness continue.
        May GOD save us from these mighty fraudsters. Amen

  • Kumson Forson

    Fake news – that’s all I will say.