Kemi Adetiba, Temitayo Eyitayo Join Remy Martin’s Global Campaign – One Life Live Them


In October 2015, Remy Martin launched its global campaign #OneLifeLiveThem in Nigeria. The campaign recognizes and celebrates individual’s multi-talents, understanding that people are not defined by one thing that they do but rather all that they do. 

Since its inception, the brand has selected and celebrated different individuals that embody the brand message. This year Kemi Adetiba and Temitayo Eyitayo have been unveiled as the new set of influencers to join the campaign.

From a law degree to broadcasting, and filmmaking, Kemi Adetiba has been able to transition successfully from one field of expertise to another seamlessly. She started out as a radio host at Rhythm FM going on to hosting two of the radio’s highly popular shows. She then moved on to be in front of the camera hosting shows like Studio 53 and Temptation Nigeria on satellite TV before enrolling in the New York Film Academy.

Adetiba has established herself as a media powerhouse; her works have been nominated and won several awards while she also won ‘Best Music Video Director’ at City People Entertainment Award (2014). Her first feature film ‘The Wedding Party’ has the current record of the highest-grossing Nollywood film ever. She also hosts her own web-series on YouTube called ‘Things Kemi Cooks’ where she shares famous recipes made her own way. 

As a strong advocate for women empowerment, Kemi rolled out an interview-based series featuring Nigerian women of veteran and champion status as they share their unique stories. Temitayo Eyitayo is a Business Administration graduate who delved into fashion in 2012 with his casual wear line called 24, which went on to become one of the most sought after labels.

The 24 brand boasts of whooping sales of over 2000 items in its first two months of existence. In growing the brand, Eyitayo collaborated with top Nigerian artistes to create bespoke collections.

The University of Buckingham graduate also states his love for culinary arts as the inspiration behind his plans for a restaurant and poultry.

With a successful track record in his business, Temitayo started business advisory and consultation for other brands; championing sales boost through design and production management.  

Not one to rest on his oars; he took up the reins of his family business and applied his marketing prowess in exposing the business to new markets.

The campaign urges all to be on the lookout for multitalented influencers who will be recognised and celebrated over the coming months.

Through the #OneLifeLiveThem campaign, Remy Martin remains committed to identifying and celebrating people who are not defined by one skill or talent but are pursuing several things and succeeding in them.