Afenifere Secretary: FG Sponsoring Opposition to 2014 Confab Report


James Sowole in Akure
The Secretary of the Yoruba Socio-Political Group, Afenifere, Chief Seinde Arogbofa, yesterday accused the federal government of sponsoring groups similar to the discredited Association of Better Nigeria (ABN) to rubbish the report of the 2014 National Conference.

Arogbofa who was a delegate to the 2014 National Conference spoke at a press conference to herald the launch of his 18th book titled “Nigeria: The Path We Refused To Take,” said the upsurge in the criticism of the 2014 National Conference report showed the imprints of the federal government in trying to discredit the conference.
Arogbofa said the only way out of the quagmire the nation has found itself is to restructure in a way that would allow true federalism.

According to him, the states should be encouraged by the federal government to explore the mineral resources in their domain and pay royalty to the government at the centre as it is done in advance democracy.
The Afenifere Secretary also said the problem of insecurity in different parts of the country, would have been brought under control if restructuring is allowed to pave way for state police.

He said those suggestions contained in the 2014 National Conference report which would have taken Nigeria out of the crisis it found itself was on the verge of being dumped because of the activities of groups akin to the defunct ABN.

“Nigerians should call the ABN to order. Many of them did not know what is in the report. The ABN should not be made to rubbish the over 600 resolutions taken without voting at the confab.
The federal government is encouraging ABN to frustrate the confab report. Those condemning the 2014 National Conference report did not know what restructuring mean.

“The federal government should take hold of the report. It may not be the best, but what it contains is enough for the development of the country,” he said.
Arogbofa said Afenifere supported the failed re-election bid of former President Goodluck Jonathan because he had the courage to convene the conference despite the opposition from members of his party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).