In a cozy setting to mark her 40th birthday, Dr. Toyin Abass launched her books and foundation.
The books ‘Range’ and ‘Wellness Found Me’ chronicled the author’s struggle with infertility.

Having waited eight years for a child, the doctor gave a honest account of her life from childhood to adulthood in the 207 pages of ‘Range’. From her humble background to marital issues that arise from infertility.

“The book aims to shed light on the plight that people go through, the stigma attached and the troubles that come with infertility. The book brings hope. It tells you how you can actually go through that journey without losing yourself or marriage. It also teaches people to be open to medical intervention because whether we like it or not, some people can benefit from medical heath but not open to the idea because of stigma.”

She added that parents should also open up to adoption because there are many children who deserved to be loved and cared for.
While she dealt with the emotional and financial struggle with infertility in ‘Range’, she explored the health angle in ‘Wellness Found Me’. In this book, she narrated the health challenges she faced undergoing the fertility treatment.
Out of all these experiences, Abass launched Range Foundation, an offshoot of the book ‘Range’. Her paramount goal with the foundation is to help couples financially and otherwise to access the fertility treatment.