Lara Rawa of Eventi Cocktails Emerges Nigeria’s First Global Attaché


The CEO of Eventi Cocktails has emerged as Nigeria’s first Global Attaché at the Tales Global Attaché Programme. This is an initiative to promote diversity and expose Tales’ audience to some of the overlooked cocktail community around the globe. Her role is to promote cultural relations between Tales of the Cocktail and smaller cocktail communities throughout the world.

Tales of the Cocktail was founded in 2002, aiming to create international relationships by organising over 200 annual events, including tastings and networking events for bartenders, distillers and other spirit professionals. The objective of Tales of the Cocktail is to provide an annual meeting place for exchange of new ideas, products and techniques. Examples of these events include: Tales of the Cocktail on Tour, Tales 365, Tales of the Toddy and Daiquiri Season.

Rawa was chosen due to her high influence among the Nigerian community, educating those around her on local and unique techniques. Her role as an attaché will include providing Tales of the Cocktail with an ongoing insight into Nigeria’s local cocktail community; providing local recipes, local bartender spotlights, local spirits and any community influences. This will then be exhibited to Tales of the Cocktail’s international audience, drawing recognition to the communities’ talents. She will then get the opportunity to nominate talented local professionals and bars to be considered for a Spirited Award.