The recent rituals group known as badoo as claimed several s lives In Ikorodu local government area of Lagos State.

The affected communities are ODOGUNYAN, ADAMO, IMOTA, IGBOBGBO, IGBE KAPO AND IJEDE all under Ikorodu L.G.A.

The killing/kidnapping activities of recent happened to be the most deadly one among other attacks where the sad incident took place at Igbe Kapo on the 5th July 2017, the Badoo cult group swiped all the family of one Mr. & Mrs. ADENIYI OGUNSHOLA include their two children, The victims are neighbor to Mr. ADELEKE OKUBADEJO and Mrs. YETUNDE OKUBADEJO, This barbaric act occurred at about 1.30am where everybody as gone to sleep.

According to eye witness who account that the badoo ritual group entered the late ADENIYI’S resident through the back door and launch their attack, because of the happenings in the area Mr. ADELEKE OKUBADEJO and YETUNDE OKUBADEJO as to relocate to a new apartment sometime around March 2017.The new area they both relocate to where not save either.

Addressing News men, the police public relation officer PRO ASP OLARINDE FAOUS COLE confirmed the incident, in a statement he issued that those faceless ritualistic cult group known as Badoo will not go unpunished, he said the search for the badoo group proved abortive. He promised that the agency will do everything within his reach to bring this barbaric blood testy rituals group to book.

Mr. ADELEKE OKUBADEJO and Mrs. YETUNDE OKUBADEJO traveled to the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA on holiday when this ungodly incident occurred, until date, this deadly occurtic badoo group are still attacking the areas in Ikorodu.

Mr. ADELEKE OKUBADEJO and Mrs. YETUNDE OKUBADEJO relocated from NO.5 WENOY GARBER Street Unity Estate AREPO OGUN STATE to their new apartment at Ikorodu. because of the killings/kidnapping activities in the area.

Most of the people living in the area are relocating to another place for their dear lives. This bring tension in all the communities ,those that has landed properties as started selling for a give away prices, just because of the fear of badoo/kidnapping going in Ikorodu area of Lagos State.