Death, we have since come to accept, is man’s most inevitable end. But when it does happen, it leaves in its trail anguish and sorrow.

It is even worse in families where the breadwinner is the one death stings and snatches. That was the fate that befell the Abebe family of Edo State whose beautiful daughter, Stella, former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s wife and Nigeria’s former first lady, died in faraway Spain in 2005. Apart from being the family’s financial backbone, Stella Obasanjo was a daughter in a million.

She tapped into her vast contacts and goodwill to ensure that no member of the family or acquaintance lacked anything, at least until death took her away. While it is widely acknowledged that every year added to one’s life should be celebrated, thoughts should also be spared people who were once with us, especially those whose activities brought smiles to our faces. Not even one of the so-called Obasanjo boys who made fortunes while the Owu-born Ota farmer held sway was magnanimous enough to have placed at least half-a-page remembrance advert for the woman.

However, her son Muyiwa is planning to immortalise his mother.