Fire Fighters Rescue Man Trapped in Deep Well in Ekiti


Victor Ogunje in Ado Ekiti

Men of the Ekiti State fire fighters , at the weekend rescued a man, Mr Dayo Babatunde , who was trapped in a well in Ipoti Ekiti, Ijero Local Government Area of the State.

The man was said to have been trapped in the well for over 30 minutes before the fire fighters in Ado Ekiti got a distressed call and rushed to the town to save the man.

The 45-year old Babatunde was said to be fetching water from the well containing a gaseous substance called ammonia, only to be trapped before those who were watching him from nearby raised the alarm for
immediate rescue.

The Head of Service of Ekiti State, Dr. Olugbenga Faseluka, commended the fire fighters for their dedication to duty, saying their loyalty to the state prevented Babatunde from being drowned and died.

The Head of Service , who noted that the victim could have died in the well as a result of the poisonous gas it contained said the rescue team displayed high sense of devotion to duty and selfless service by taking prompt action to save the victim.

Faseluka said the gesture has further proven that the Public Service is not ineffective as some think; assuring that the Ekiti State Public Service under his watch will remain focused on delivering effective and efficient service which the Fayose-led government had promised Ekiti people.

The Head of Service has signed a Letter of Commendation to be given to the officers in line with the directive of the State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose at an interactive forum with Public Servants that workers with outstanding performances be commended and recommended for
Public Service award.

“You demonstrated high level of professionalism and utmost sense of responsibility during the operation. You are hereby commended for your devotion to duty and selfless service. I hope you will keep the flag flying”, .

He thanked the governor for approving the recruitment of more officers into the Fire Service Department; saying the gesture will boost the productivity of the Department.