The conversation on food hit a new note recently as Brand Television Network, Btv; a lifestyle and entertainment television network presented the African Jollof Rice Challenge.

African Jollof Rice Challenge is a continental lifestyle and entertainment taste tour and cooking contest that seeks to discover the country that has the best Jollof Rice in Africa in a contest where representatives of different African countries will slug it out and aim at the $5000 grand prize money.

According to Felix King, an Executive Producer of Btv, the argument on which country has the best Jollof Rice inspired social network and street conversations across Africa, especially among the West African countries, where Jollof Rice is most popular.This argument has grown into a very strong continental debate, which has dominated both conventional and social media spaces. This debate sprang up from a statement by Lai Muhammed, Nigeria’s Minister of Information that, “Senegalese Jollof Rice is the best and a counter claim by our Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo that, “We all know that Nigerian Jollof Rice is the best anywhere. We beat the Ghanaians and Senegalese hands down.”

Since then, Jollof Rice lovers have taken to all media platforms to present their perspectives on which country’s jollof rice is the best in Africa. The argument gets fiercer with each passing day with claims and counter claims on which country actually has the best Jollof Rice in Africa.
King said, “There is no official position yet on which country has the best Jollof rice in Africa, hence,theBtv desire to unravel the mystery through this contest.”

Ororo Pattaya Otono, an Executive Producer with Btv said the challenge would start with an online recipe contest, where the best contestants will be selected for the live screening and then the grand finale. He said the programme would come to a flourishing end at the Reward Night that will be used to mark the World Jollof Rice Day on Tuesday, August 22.