Olu Okeowo’s Wondrous Taste



Olu Okeowo, a property merchant and philanthropist, is one of the successful men living their lives to the hilt.

Wealthy and influential, he has always dazzled his competitors and delighted his admirers.  No doubt, his success story is such that will make anyone green with envy. He works hard for his money, so he spares nothing to spoil himself with the good things of life.

It will be recalled that in December 2016, he moved into his eye-popping Park-View palatial home in Lagos.  The architectural masterpiece, otherwise called “Palacio de Okeowo,” is built on five acres overlooking the sea at one part.

The 16-bedroomed edifice boasts a world-class helipad, jetty and a 40-seater private chapel called ”Solomon’s Chapel of Faith;”  one of the reasons it is said to be a mecca of sorts.  It also has a lawn tennis court, a basketball court and an Olympic-size swimming pool.

It was also gathered that Okeowo, who recently took delivery of an exotic car, Bentley Mulsanne Extended WheelBase Limited Edition”said to worth several millions of Naira, marked his 52nd birthday with funfair.

The event, which was witnessed by A- list celebrities across the globe, including a former Ghanaian President, started with a church service and prayers. It was followed with a breakfast party and then the main party later that day.

The shrewd businessman who is unarguably one of the best property merchants in Nigeria, has been around for sometime. He is known for a number of imposing properties scattered around the country.

Today,  Okeowo has become a reference point in the nation’s property sector.