King of African Oil, Wale Jubril Tinubu, glides into Golden age


Nigerian businessman and oil mogul,  Wale Tinubu, CEO,  Oando Oil,  will turn 50 on June 26.

As the day is fast approaching, one is surprised that there has not been so much buzz, except a few reports. in some section of the media.

If one considers the frenetic importance that many in this part of the world attach to this kind of moment,  that is attaining the Golden age,  one would have expected that he would have began to  roll out the drums  preparatory to the D-day.  Yes,  for him, the day is worth celebrating. Or which of the favours of God can he deny in his life?

So, as he warms up for the big event,  many are saying  that he may not  want tow  the familiar path of launching a book to chronicle his inspiring journey so far.

Close sources hinted that Tinubu would rather want a low-key event.  Besides, it was gathered that he would prefer  to commit his God-given wealth to lifting more indigent members of the society, in addition to organising a special prayer,  on the occasion.

However, one thing is sure, the man would be  celebrated to high heavens that day.  it will not  be surprising that every form of commendation and eulogy would be literally poured on him by those who have encountered him.

The reason for this may not be far-fetched. His life is a challenge to those who were born with the silver spoon, but, who as a result of lack of discipline and lack of focus, abused the privilege. At the same time, Tinubu’s life is an inspiration for people from humble backgrounds that they should never entomb their dreams, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable adversity.

It was gathered that while growing up, Tinubu displayed traits of a child destined to be great in life. He was precious to the admiration of all. He nursed a beautiful dream to be one of the greatest businessmen in the world, coupled with his doggedness, providence was sure to smile on him. So, many would argue that his path was already laced with roses because of his background. What many do not know is that he began to sow with sweats long before now. In other words, the foundation of his business empire was laid with sweat, determination and hard work. Of course, you cannot rule out the influence of divine grace in his life.

Many years after he floated his business, he resolved to pursue his dream on a global stage. Though it looked an impossible task at the time, he was determined to pursue his ambition of ruling the world with unwavering doggedness.  Today, the company is not only recognised around the world, but the Lagos State- born oil mogul has been listed as one of the richest on the continent of Africa.

 His emergence as a world-acclaimed businessman  did not come as a surprise to those who knew him early in life. “As a very intelligent man, Wale Tinubu  began to exhibit a high level of skills and attitude very early in life,” a source said, adding, “When he dabbled into business many years ago, his clear was to lead the company as a leading indigenous exploration and production player on the African continent, and today he has achieved that dream.”

His early life also portrayed him as a potentially great person in life. Like most young men of his generation, his dream was to become one of the greatest businessmen in the world. Luckily, providence has granted him his heart’s desire.

 That he has grown head and shoulders above several of his competitors in the industry is no longer in doubt, and today, he is one of the few Nigerians that rub shoulders with other top executives around the world, making him a glittering star in the global business firmament.