Geniuzz: I Am Working Hard to Do Solid Music

Geniuzz is signed to Effyzzie Music Group which houses Africa’s top diva Yemi Alade. He started showing genuine interest in music at a tender age by penning rhymes, songs, and poems. In this chat withTosin Clegg, Geniuzz talks music, his new Project ‘A Slice of Geniuzz’ and more
How did you come about the name, Geniuzz?
I was raised in Jos by my parents Zakka and Rahila Deyin Deshi. My stage name is Geniuzz and I’m a rap singer and an Afro pop artiste. Back then in Jos, I used to play football, be in politics and a whole lot of things, and got my friends calling me Geniuzz, so I felt why not adopt the name.
Your career so far?
Over the years, I have been working with a lot of people and I maintain most of them on the EP from Jos, as I have been working with them over time.
 What should we expect from you and the new EP?
My whole life is in the hands of God and I am planning for a legendary status, working hard to do solid music and improving myself. From the EP you should expect the Geniuzz vibe. You have to listen to it to know.