Breach Repairers Holds Parenting Conference


Michael Enoette

Recently, dignitaries and personalities of diverse NGOs, school owners, parents and teachers, stormed the Guiding Light Assembly (GLA), Ikoyi in their numbers. The occasion was the National Parenting Conference organised by Breach Repairers, a non-profit organisation started eight years ago with the objective of raising a generation of socially responsible youths. The theme of the conference was ‘Critical Rescue’ and it was the fourth edition organised by Breach Repairers.

Speaking during the conference, the Chairman of the day, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo said, “The main aim of Breach Repairers is to bring back the value that we had lost in bringing up our children.”

Her Excellency, the wife of the Acting President Mrs. Oludolapo Osinbajo, through a video conference call, expressed her delight to the organisers for organising a conference focused on ending youth irresponsibility. “My plea and my request for you parents at this conference is that you train our children the way that is right and to also spread the news to other parents,” she said.

The deputy governor of Lagos State, Mrs. Oluranti Adebule, represented at the event by an aide, noted that parenting is the primary responsibility of parents, before the teachers and the society. “What are the parents investing on their children in today’s world? Do we spend quality time with them? Who is to blame? At the end of the day the blame is shifted on the schools. Teachers are doing what they should do, for moral education starts from home. Parents of nowadays finds it very had to talk with their children. If I may ask, who will talk with them on our behalf?” she queried. Speaking also at the conference was Mrs. Christie Bature – Ogbeifun, who noted that “parenting is not a function of education but one of commitment.”