Gombe CJ Frees 9 Prisoners


The Criminal Justice Committee in Gombe State under the Chairmanship of the Chief Justice of the State, Justice Akila Y Heman yesterday released nine Prison inmates from Gombe Prison. According to the Chief Justice, over 600 cases were reviewed out of which nine of them charged for various offences were released. He said some of the inmates were unlawfully detained while others had stayed longer than expected.

Justice Akila, who fumed over the situation of the detainees where police failed to produce evidence of diligent prosecution, said many cases were with the police and awaiting investigation. He called on them to expedite actions on the cases in order to bring them for prosecution. He also assured that the exercise would be continuous in an effort towards decongesting of the Prison. The Comptroller of Prisons in Gombe, Alhaji Ahmadu Adamu, said the prison was currently accommodating over 1,000 inmates as against the initial capacity for 379.