Entrepreneurship: W’African Ceramics Partners OC Don PF Investment


Yinka Kolawole in Osogbo

The ongoing nationwide deployment of tiles showrooms and experience centres by leading tiles manufacturer, West African Ceramics Ltd berthed recently in Osogbo, Osun State. This is the sixth and most recent showroom established since the company launched its deployment drive last year.

Also, Don PF Investment Ltd has vowed to train over 2,000 youths for entrepreneurship development in order to improve the nation’s economy and make Nigerian youths self-reliant.

Located in the heart of Osogbo, the showroom was set up under the aegis of OC Don Doors Building Ltd, a major building material dealer in Osogbo.
Speaking during the recent inauguration, the Executive Chairman of West African Ceramics Ltd. Alhaji Lawal Idirisu said the new showroom is designed to enlighten customers about the applications of various designs and types of tiles in a building project and to create an unprecedented shopping experience for architects, builders, contractors and project owners carrying out building projects in the State of Osun and neighbouring cities.

“This Royal Exclusive Showroom initiative was borne out of the necessity to ensure Royal brand of tiles are easily accessible and available to architects, builders, contractors, and project owners. Architects, builders currently engaged in ongoing projects would save a lot of money and logistics cost as they would not need to travel long distances to procure tiles, etc,” Rao explained.

However, an entrepreneur and the Chairman of OC Don PF Investment Company Limited, Mr. Ike Donald Obiora has hailed the establishment of the mega showroom.

According to him, “Indeed, building project owners, architects and contractors can now enjoy the kind of experience in shopping that is obtainable in the European markets and other developed societies.”

“I want to encourage us to patronise these local products as it boast of high quality tiles as in Italy, Spain, China and other countries. Therefore, we should encourage the naira to rebound by patronising local purchase of tiles.” Obiora said.
The entrepreneur has charged the youths in the state and beyond to develop entrepreneurial skills in order to improve their lives as well as drive the country’s economic growth.

Obiora noted that entrepreneurship, aside helping citizens to attain personal development, has always been a backbone of every strong economy. He pointed out that it was necessary for Nigerian youths to develop skills and come out with new businesses so as to create employment opportunities for others.

The CEO, Don Investment Ltd, also noted that the key skills any entrepreneur should possess are the ability to set goals and to manage time, money and other resources. He charged the youths to engage in business activities which would help them to be self-reliant, adding that they should take up entrepreneurial skills they might have acquired in the company to improve their lives.

While calling on the governments at all level to partner the company sponsoring youths for entrepreneurship programmes in the company, Obiora said no fewer than 40 youths have been engaging the various entrepreneurial skills available in the organisation.

He called on governments at all levels to live up to their responsibilities in the area of youth encouragement, so as to be able to allow them become self-reliant.