American Firm to Offer ‘Medical Second Opinion’ to Nigerian Patients


Martins Ifijeh

As part of efforts to tackle medically unresolved issues among Nigerian patients, an American firm, Kinghaven Medical System Incorporated, has said it would be offering a programme called ‘Medical Second Opinion’ to Nigerians who require second opinion from qualified and internationally recognised professionals on their health issues.

Speaking during a teleconference with health reporters in Lagos, the Chief Medical Director, Kinghaven Medical System (KMS), Dr. George Miller, who spoke from Texas, United States, said the idea was that while patients are meeting with their primary care specialists in Nigeria, those who want second opinion can call KMS where consultations with their Nigerian physicians will be done through synchronised media conversations, and if situations warrant, may be asked to come over to U.S. to finish their treatments.

“These consultations between patient and KMS may also include face to face discussions with patients’ Nigerian physicians, review of patients’ charts, review of laboratory works, review of medical histories, among others.” Adding that, “we have some specialists as well in Nigeria, and we can refer patients to them for further consultations. These specialists would then advise patients properly on what next is needed to be done,” he said.

According to the Project Consultant, Shegun Olagundoye, its hospitals in the U.S. are first class with skillful personnel and state-of-the-art equipment, adding that Nigerian patients can get the best treatment experience with positive results to cap it all.

“For patients who will be willing to undergo such medical second opinion, we in turn will assist such patients with procurement of visas by making recommendations to the U.S. embassy in Nigeria and follow up, provide a suitably furnished apartment when the patients arrive in the U.S., assist in providing vehicle and driver, and schedule appointment with the best specialists within a very short period.

“We will then also assign a provider to give companionship to the patient 24/7, as well as ensure quick resolution to patient’s issue so that time in the U.S. is reasonable.

“First, we do assessment of patients. Then based on that, we contact the patient’s physician to know all about the patient. So if the patient has to come here, that patient is now referred to a specialist. That means the patient can see a specialist a day or two rather than waiting for months to see us in U.S. All the period, we will be communicating with the patient in Nigeria. We have physicians in Nigeria that patients can be referred to, but we do also usually work with patient’s physician,” he added.

He said KSM provides various services in association with various specialists and hospitals they work with, noting that such services include oncology, plastic surgery, mental health, gynaecology, cardiology, dental health and vision. He said more information are contained in its website.