Ebiye Imeobong: I Kill Depression, Reduce Crime with Jokes


Ebiye Victor Imeobong is an online comedian and also a stand-up act. He is popularly known as “ComedianEbiye” on Instagram and was brought to limelight with his skit about popular blogger Linda Ikeji that went viral. In this interview with Tosin Clegg, he talks about comedy, and other things

Who I am

I’m Ebiye Victor Imeobong Omereson, aka Linda Ikeji’s Husband. I’m 24 years, from Delta State and a comedian, a foolish comedian. I grew up with a single mum and she’s my everything. I am an Electrical and Electronics Graduate of Covenant University. I attended Rightville Primary School in Surulere, Lagos and Faith Academy, Otta. 

Comedy chose me

I was always that student disturbing my mates in school during lectures, making fun of lecturers and I’m actually sorry to all my friends I made unserious too, but I was so sure I would make it! Comedy for me has been an adventurous journey so far; I would say smooth. 


Facing challenges

I would call them “strengtheners”. I’ve been strong on this journey to be honest. My style of comedy is what’s called “visual comedy” or silent comedy, the kind of comedy a deaf man would enjoy. 


 Mentors and Role Models

As we speak, I don’t have anyone mentoring me but I love Basket Mouth, Bovi and Dave Chappelle (USA) because we look alike. I learn fast and I study celebrities that have gone ahead of me and how they package themselves. As for my relationship with fans, my brother, once you are a comedian you always have to be ready to make people happy anytime any day but that can be tiring sha.


Love for stage perform

And see the whole world have proper laughs at my jokes; so that’s my major dream. Aside comedy, I write comedy, eat comedy, think comedy, sleep comedy, and comedy is my life! And everyone should expect my first standup comedy show by the Grace of God! For my show, I ask you, have you ever laughed for two hours straight in a movie? I’d make that happen! 


How I give Back

Giving back? Imagine a comedian making people happy; can a happy man steal or kill? No. So, I’m killing depression and reducing the crime rate in this country. I’m a joy giver. 


Going to the Next Level

His plans for me are so amazing, I can’t wait! As regards my performance, I try to work around relatable jokes, jokes people go through everyday. So, it’s very easy to understand my style of comedy.

My mother, My Supporter

I’ve got a few friends that support the dream too. My mum never questioned my talent at any point of her life. She was always supportive even when people didn’t understand why an engineer would go into comedy; like say them give me oil job.

Meeting Ali Baba, Others

By God’s grace, when I met the likes of Audu Maikori, Noble Igwe and Alibaba, they were so open to me, down to earth and real! People should be like them.