Femi Kuti to Try Again After Failing to Beat World Record for Longest Sax Note


 It turns out that Femi Kuti, son of late Afrobeat legend, Fela Kuti, didn’t set a new world record last Sunday when he held a single note on a saxophone for 46minutes 38seconds
Kuti, an internationally renowned musician in his own right, admitted that the celebrations from his family and fans had been premature, after he mistakenly thought that he had surpassed the previous longest note played by US saxophonist Kenny G.

The official Guinness World Record for “the longest continuous note on a saxophone using the circular breathing method” is in fact held by Vann Burchfield (USA), who managed 47minutes, 5seconds back in 2000, as one tweeter pointed out: “@Femiakuti did not set a new world record, he broke Kenny G’s record but still, big ups to him!!!”
But Femi, according to BBC, has taken to Twitter to say that he would make another attempt to break the record: “Did not know about this. Was told only about KG’s. I will go for this now. Just for personal reasons to prove I can. Might take a while.”