Daniella's Got it…



Yinka Olatunbosun

Daniella Oji came into limelight as a wild card contestant at Project Fame, a music reality show on its fifth week and got admitted into the music academy. It was tough for her to develop a fan base initially because viewers seemed to have their favourites already. But she has a compelling voice that can stop you in your track. The love for Daniella grew when she started to impress the judges every week and finally she made it to the finals.

A graduate of accounting from Crawford University, Daniella’s interest was in music numbers that should could use for vocal training. Her career in music didn’t begin at the academy as she disclosed to this reporter in an electronic chat.

“Before Project Fame, I had joined the Anglican church choir,” she recalled. “I had also taken and passed with a distinction, the Grade 4 exam at the Music School of Nigeria(MUSON). I also auditioned for the Peak Talent Show and got a certificate stating ‘SHE’S GOT IT’ to mention a few. I have always been a lover of music all my life.”

Daniella has parents who place a lot of value on secular education. Hence, when she got involved in music, their worry was that she might abandoned her education for music. She kept her head steady in her studies until the opportunity to be part of the music show knocked at her door.

“I had always known I would do music. My parents knew too.  It was the same year after the university and during my national youth service that I went for the MTN project fame competition. You could say that launched my career; gave me the platform and the push. My family and friends have been so supportive from day one up to this moment. My new project will blow your mind.”

Her latest single titled,”I do” has been on the playlists at several radio stations but the journey to stardom remains daunting. One reason is that the airwaves have been saturated with lots of music by talented Nigerians and another is that the cost of music production is on the rise. Though she didn’t give details of the expenses incurred in the making of this latest single and its video, she revealed the message in it.

“It’s the familiar and sweet ‘lovey-dovey’ of being proposed to; when you say ‘I do’. It is perfect for all lovers of good music and couples who intend to stay together forever,” she said.

Her career in music has been influenced by Asa and Nneka, Nigeria’s top music exports; her voice coach Miss Ige; Adele, Alicia Keys Aloe Blacc while she looks forward to working with Bez, Jidenna, Mr Incredible and more.