Niger NLC Kicks against Politicisation of Appointments of Permanent Secretaries


By Laleye Dipo in Minna

As workers mark the 2017 Workers Day on Monday, the Niger State chapter of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has kicked against the politicisation of the appointments of permanent secretaries in the state civil service.

The NLC specifically said: “The appointment of permanent secretaries from outside the service has brought about indiscipline, inefficiency and mediocrity which were alien to the civil service in the past.”

The state NLC Chairman, Mr Yahaya Idris Ndako, said at a rally of all affiliate unions of the NLC in Minna on Monday that the government should put a stop to the policy and institute “productivity award” in the service to make workers more dedicated to their duties.

Ndako also alerted the administration in the state that “the teaching profession is presently facing serious crisis of brain drain. Many teachers have been leaving the sector for other lucrative jobs thereby creating a large vacuum”.

More to follow…