US Ambassador Pledges Continued Support for Environmental Conservation Efforts


Bennett Oghifo
The United States Ambassador to Nigeria, W. Stuart Symington toured the rich tropical rain forests of the Obudu Mountains and the Drill Ranch on the Afi Mountains of Cross River State, pledging continued support for environmental conservation efforts in the country.

US Consulate General, Public Affairs Section in Lagos said in a statement yesterday that Symington sought to learn more about Nigeria’s unique natural resources during the tour, which was from April 22 to 23.

“Ambassador Symington’s trip to Cross River State is aimed at further enhancing US-Nigeria partnership in working to promote conservation efforts, tourism, and economic development, while also raising awareness about environmental issues facing the global community,” the statement said.

The statement said after completing his tour, the envoy, yesterday, spoke to an audience of senior government officials and environmental leaders from non-government organisations, including Pandrillus, Ekuri Initiative, Wildlife Conservation Society, Nigerian Conservation Foundation, and the Obudu Conservation Center, at an event held in Calabar, to commemorate the 2017 Earth Day.

Symington said: “Today is a day to honour all those Nigerians, and every group, working to secure the natural wonders of Nigeria’s heritage. Since I arrived in Nigeria I have come to appreciate deeply Nigeria’s abundant and unique flora, fauna, and landscape. The challenge of managing the natural beauty and diversity of Nigeria is not the test of one generation of Nigerians, but the test of all generations. We are working with Nigerians to support their efforts.”