Tongues Wag About Dabota Lawson


Spy glass

Over the years,  Dabota Lawson,  a former model,  has reportedly been involved in one  controversy or another.

Not a few have forgotten the controversy surrounding her marriage to her erstwhile husband, Prince Sunny Aku.

Initially, she denied any crash in her marriage but later went full throttle to paint her marriage to Aku as the greatest mistake of her life. Thereafter, she disappeared from the social scene.

Having recoiled into her world, there are insinuations that the ex-beauty queen is either broke or still busy licking her wounds.

Strangely, her husband, the boss of   luxury brand, Novena Majesty Furniture, maintained his cool and remained focused on his business, even in the face of provocations.

It will be recalled that the ex-model was reportedly kicked out of her home for alleged unfaithfulness to her husband in August, 2015.

At the height of the alleged infidelity, she reacted, saying her haters were at work.  She went further to put up a video of herself and her hubby, cuddling at a public function.

However, shortly after this, she reportedly deleted all photos of her home, leaving only photos of her cosmetic line on her Instagram handle, a situation that has further confirmed the crashed marriage.

Dabota and  Aku got married in December 2014 in a celebrated wedding that was attended by top personalities  in the country.