Nnamdi Ekeh: Proud Son of His Father


Naturally, one of the prayers of every parent is to be blessed with responsible children who would make him or her proud in all ways. This, today, is what Nnamdi Ekeh, founder and vice president of Yudala, means to his parents.

Spyglass gathered that he was supported by his billionaire father and Chairman of Zinox Computers, Leo Stan Ekeh, when he approached him with the idea of Yudala online retail, the dream he had been nursing since he was 19 while in the university.

No doubt, the young Ekeh hit the ground running immediately he received the desired financial intervention from his father,  as he turned the business into a mega fortunes a few months after.  Indeed, within the first one year of operation, Yudala became the  best online retail market in the country.

Today, the 24-year- old is in the league of many successful young men who have turned their dreams into reality around the world.

Though it started with ICT products, it has since diversified into a one-stop online and offline retail outpost for a wide assortment of goods, including consumables, choice wine and staples. It is also considered to be the preferred channel for shoppers with eyes for quality, real time delivery and support.

Yudala currently boasts of over 300 staff and this figure is expected to increase substantially with its growing network of Experience Stores all over the country.

According to the promoter,  the long-term vision is to have a Yudala store in every local government headquarters in Nigeria. The direct implication of this,  he added,  is that “staff strength is certainly going to witness a huge leap from the current figures.”