Adrant Partners Unveils News Website  


A news site,, dedicated to construction and real estate coverage has been unveiled by Adrant Partners.

According to the firm, the news platform which is an effective guide for  practitioners, investors, as well as, individual property owners provides in-depth reports and analysis of events, activities and developments in the industry.

The  Chief Executive Officer of Adrant Partners, Mr Ranti Adedeji, stated   that the platform was enriched with comprehensive content from different  segment ranging from building planning, sellers’ request, buyers’ request, documentations, real estate, investment, supplements, projects and  Interviews. 

Explaining further, Adedeji said building planning for instance, focused on the stage-to-stage processes involved in building a personal  house. 

“It provides practical and result-oriented guidelines about all you need to know about building your own house and  dissect  matters that relate to property acquisition and ownership; building development control agencies; documentations of landed property; hiring building contractors; various building materials as well as finishing your building to suit your taste. To say the least, it answers all questions that needed to be clarified in the course of planning and  building  your personal house.”

He added also that the site was a right floor for landlords who have property to sell and estate agents who have direct instructions to dispose  a property, to publicise their requests while  buyers too can indicate their demand, that they will be  matched with property in the organisation’s database. 

“We also provide free consultancy services about property documents like survey, land information, certificate of occupancy and building approval. This is in conjunction with experienced property lawyers and relevant government agencies,” Adedeji said