Next Gear Resources to Tackle Property Fraud in Nigeria


Mary Ekah
Those interested in buying plots of land or developing property in any parts of the country no longer need to worry about being conned or getting a shoddy job as a reliable real estate firm, Next Gear Resources Limited has come up with a service that eliminates these concerns and put a stop to property fraud in Nigeria. The company, which procures land for clients in places that are fast-growing, affordable and are not more than 30 minutes drive to the city centre, takes care of the property of its clients and interested customers through a platform it calls WatchMyProperty.

According to the Next Gear Resources Chief Executive, Mr. Sola Owomoyela, this unique service came into existence because of the yearning and pains of a lot of people that wants to own houses and lands but were duped or treated unfairly by industry operators. He added that the platform helps investors to buy lands; supervise their projects or professionally help them develop such properties through Next Gear Resources’ architects, engineers, masons and other technicians who are top-notch. The company also helps clients do due diligence on properties they want to buy and even help in forecasting it to ensure maximum profit for its customers.

“We watch over property anywhere in Nigeria. The service is for a token and for those who are buying from us be rest assured that these services are free from us. But if you are buying from other people or you have bought already there is a fee. The fee depends on the kind of services we are going to offer to the client,” Owomoyela said.

“People who invest or desire to invest in real estate in Nigeria should not be scared because there is the assurance that whatever property you want to purchase or project you want to develop, we can be your third eye and fight for your interest until the end. We do project support services, we have caterpillars, we have architects, engineers we have masons that work with us. Those who work with us are top of the notch. If you want a project that is of standard and has high quality we are the ones to go to,” he added. The real estate company, located in Gwarimpa, Abuja, has come up with a three-purpose house innovation, by which it develops properties for clients that can serve as an office, a living area and a bedroom. Owomoyela insists that with Next Gear Resources, everyone including low-income earners can own a home in Abuja.

Owomoyela further stated, “Some people are paying N1, 000 per day. A hairdresser, a mechanic or artisans can at least save up N1000 per day. For instance, if your land is 300,000 or 250,000 you can pay within a year by paying N1000 daily. So this makes it easy for everyone to own a property. You may not have to come to us; we can come to your office to collect these monies, through appointed agents that work directly under us. They will issue you a receipt for every deposit. This is just like a contribution system and at the end of the year you own a property. All our lands are guaranteed before we purchase a land we do our due diligence, we conduct research on the land, we conduct research on the area, we also conduct research on government policies about these areas. Most of us have legal backgrounds so we understand,” the lawyer added.