Zinox Boss Counsels Nigerian Youths on Wealth Creation


Emma Okonji

Chairman of Zinox Group, and serial digital entrepreneur, Leo Stan Ekeh has disclosed that a multitude of opportunities exist for the current generation of Nigerian youths to create and sustain new wealth in the 21st Century. He noted that family background or circumstances no longer represents obstacles to achieving success.

Ekeh made the remarks while featuring as the keynote speaker at The Harvesters Entrepreneurs Forum, a monthly event organised by Harvesters International Christian Centre (HICC) to reach and equip entrepreneurs and people of similar inclinations with the theoretical and practical business knowledge to help them achieve and sustain economic success.

Ekeh, who spoke from his long years of business experiences as an entrepreneur, expressed his belief in the innate abilities of the youthful generation to turn around Nigeria’s fortunes for the better.
Speaking on the topic – You, New Wealth and God in the 21st Century, Ekeh disclosed that today’s entrepreneurs have no reason to fail in business.

In his opinion, considering the atmosphere of knowledge democracy and advancements in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), which has put access to information and intelligence at the disposal of everyone, Ekeh expressed optimism that the youth are more strategically positioned to out-strip the achievements of the older generation by creating new wealth.

“There are many opportunities for many of you in this generation to create new wealth. Even if you were born into a poor family, you have enough resources available today to change your story and alter your destiny and that of your family. You are smarter, you have the knowledge, the exposure and better infrastructure than the older generations but what you need is up your energy level to deliver your passion. So, what excuse do you have not to make it in life?, ” he queried.

“Today, you are seeing a polished Leo Stan but can you imagine Nigeria 29 years ago? No electricity, no telephone, the roads were bad. People didn’t even know they needed light yet some people think the past was better. You should be positive. The first quality in life is to be positive. If you are negative, you failed before you started. Only positive minds achieve success.”

“Some of the rich people you look up to today are not as exposed as you are. Many of them acquired wealth through funny means and as such, they cannot sustain or defend it. So you must not feel intimidated. You can start small and scale up gradually. But you must discover your passion in life and follow it,” Ekeh said.
He recounted some of the cultural, infrastructural and ethical challenges he faced as a young man struggling to make it in business after discovering a passion for ICT, a profession declared too futuristic for him to pursue an interest in by his lecturers at his post-graduate school.

“After four months at post-graduate level studying Computer Science at Cork City University, Ireland, I was counseled to change course as they innocently did not see a future for this in Africa in the short term based on my insistence to return to Africa after my studies. This was a reflection of the mindset and state of affairs on the continent towards ICT at that time. But even after completing a degree in Risk Management, I did not abandon my passion. Today, I have successfully built possibly the biggest 360-degree ICT Group in Africa,” Ekeh told Nigerian youths.
According to him, many young entrepreneurs struggle today as some of them put pleasure ahead of business, thereby making it difficult for them to make a head way in life.

“You must learn to start small and be ready to take pains before pleasure,” he said.
He advised youths to go through a structured incubation period and be morally and financially sound to survive in a highly competitive knowledge-driven economy.
According to Ekeh, success in business requires a number of qualities including brain power and ability to constantly innovate, hunger to succeed, humility, a positive mindset and of course, a firm belief in God.