Ilorin Golf Club Plans Partnership with KWSG on Academy


Hammed Shittu in Ilorin
The management of Ilorin Golf Club has finalised arrangement to partner the Kwara State government in the setting up of a golf academy in Ilorin.

The newly re-elected Captain of the club, Alhaji Mustapha Malik, disclosed this in Ilorin over the weekend while speaking with journalists.

Malik said that the golf academy which will be almost cost free to its students would be for future professional golfers after enrolling at the academy from the age of seven.

The captain also disclosed that during his tenure, he and his management team would introduce the young children to join the game of golf and register with just a token of N10,000 membership fee as against the current N150.000 now being charged to at the club.

He explained that the club will also purchase about ten golf kits and hire them out to the young kids at a cost of just N100 per game which is meant for those between the age of 17 and 30.

Malik also announced plans by his leadership to revive the Kwara Open Tournament as the management of the club is already in talking terms with the Kwara state government which will be the major sponsor of the tournament.

The captain revealed that the Kwara Open Tournament will attract over one thousand golfers to Ilorin the state capital for the anticipated four day event which will in turn not only boost the economy of the state but will further open Kwara to the international community.

He described the game of golf as the game that is meant to exercise the entire body including the brain, eyes, arms and the legs to be at alert while it is always difficult for a golfer to be hypertensive since his/her major focus is on how to put the ball into the hole.

Malik however corrected the misconception that golf is meant for only the elites or the rich in the society, adding that what the game entails is interest.