True Love Actually …As Wife Celebrates Former Taraba Governor, Danbaba Suntai, on Valentine’s Day


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Many a woman would love to peel, and then crush the shell of her love like a garlic clove. That shell is her man. Some would love to grate off their high heels using their matrimony as a pumice stone, and then prance flat-footed on the smithereens of wedlock like an infant troll or the belle of an ape.

To these colourful characters, marriage manifests as a prison house from which they can hardly wait to break out; more often than not, they consider their husbands worst personification of the hateful jailer. But that is one class of women.
Through the maze and matrix of matrimony subsists a more pleasant class and breed of women characterized by dashing womanhood and legendary character reminiscent of the nurturer women of ancient Africa and Rome.

These women like the medieval vestal virgins cater to the spiritual, emotional and mannish needs and insecurities of their men in deliberate bid to bring about the best fortune and chances for them. And they never rest on their oars, inspiring, supporting and wishing the best chances on their husbands till the latter evolve fully into the best that they could ever become.

Hauwa, the beautiful wife of Danbaba Suntai, former Taraba governor, is one of them. She’s always there for her husband. The former governor was seriously injured when his self-piloted plane crashed in Yola, Adamawa State on October 25, 2012. Since then he has been in and out of hospital. Even though he won the battle for survival, he is still battling to be fully restored to his pre-accident state. But in all these battles, Hauwa has remained solidly by his side.

In fact, at a point, some of his old friends shunned him, leaving him to his fate, consigning all memories of the good times spent with him to the trashcan.
There was a time when Suntai fared pretty well in the political firmament. In the truest sense, he had such a firm grip on Taraba State as the governor; his name rang so reverberatingly in the socio-political milieu that the dilettantes would have mistaken him for a hip-hop star. His contributions were however, not limited to the political sector as he also had a swell time in the city’s social circle.

He was always invited as a special guest at many social events and he honoured almost all. He maintained more than a conspicuous presence at high-octane social events and political functions. But all that seems to be history now. He is no longer visible on the social radar.
Days ago, he celebrated Valentine in the United States where he’s presently receiving proper medical attention. And conspicuously by his side was Hauwa – a proof that their love is purely made in heaven and she’s ready to be with him for better or worse.

Justice is the means by which established injustices are sanctioned. To disarm the rich and covetous of illegal acquisitions is to change the social order in the interest of the citizenry. Thus the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s recent seizure of a choice property belonging to the immediate past governor of Bauchi State, Mallam Isa Yuguda, is considered to be in consonance with the Rule of Law. The confiscation of the property which is located at No 184 Attahiru Bafarawa Close old GRA, Bauchi, is on the strength of an order of the Federal High Court, Abuja.

It said the seizure will be in force pending the conclusion of investigations against him bordering on abuse of office, money laundering and diversion of public funds. Interestingly, his mother-in-law, Turai Yar’Adua, and Nigeria’s former first lady, is not doing anything to help him out. She is not pleading with President Muhammadu Buhari, on his behalf because she has her own issues to deal with. Yes, it is true that Nafisat was allegedly ‘begged’ by her mother, Hajia Turai Yar’ Adua, to marry Yuguda sometime back. No sooner was the union consummated than Nafisat discovered her rite of passage into motherhood, which has been a natural occurrence in every conjugal affinity between a man and a woman; a situation that necessitated her sojourn in America where she gave birth to baby boy.

Governor Seriake Dickson is an unusual man. Like an ageless oak, he stood strong and unbending against the tide of scorn and condemnations that trailed his wife’s inability to bear him a child after several years of marriage. The Governor of Bayelsa State never dithered in his resolve nor did dream of taking a trophy wife to fulfill the yearning of his loins. His long wait and loyalty finally paid off as his wife, Rachel, got pregnant with his kids when he least expected. When preliminary scan revealed that she was pregnant with his triplets, Dickson was overjoyed. Little wonder he took extra measures to guarantee the safety of his wife and kids. By the time she was to put to bed, he flew her out of the country to the United States where she received ultimate care and treatment until she put to bed in October last year.

At her return, Rachel was received by her husband and women of the state in joy and fanfare some days ago. It’s delightful to see her glow with pride and contentment over her latest feat. Her heartfelt wish has been granted and unlike so many of her peers, she never had to endure heartache or abuse from her husband before she bore him children.
But while friends, family and political associates rejoice with the Dicksons, sources close to the family commended the couple for setting a good example by treating each other like special, heavenly gifts all along.

Dickson has been particularly commended for exhibiting enviable maturity and tact. While so many other men would have taken mistresses outside wedlock and subjected their wives to emotional and physical torture for failing to bear them children, he lovingly and dutifully stood by his wife. He is indeed a real man, so argued a close relative of the family.

In many ways, Baru Maikanti epitomizes the nature of positive revolt: always at odd with the present, forever evolving. But wait a minute, decay and disease are never beautiful, they bring perfect misery to the fairest of mortals’ imperfect body and soul, like the translucent tear of the shellfish and the hectic glow of high fever. Ask NNPC head honcho, he knows better now. The news of his sickness and his trip to India for proper medical attention some days ago resonated like murderous of a mad mob hounding its prey to sad death. The story caused panic within Nigeria’s socio-economic space.

However, like random malevolent news at the end of its spell, news of his sickness dissipated into thin air to make room for the reality of his existence. Yes, Baru travelled to India for a minor surgery. As you read, he is back on his feet. He is reportedly hale and hearty, would return to the country soon to shame his critics and political detractors. Until his appointment, he was Special Adviser (Upstream) to the Minister of State for Petroleum and was NNPC’s Group Executive Director, Exploration and Production. The Chief Operating Officer, Gas and Power, Mr. Saidu Muhammad, is currently running the NNPC in Baru’s absence.