Capri-Sonne Excites Children with Fun Alarm Promo


By Rebecca Ejiforma

In an effort to reinforce its leadership of the fruit juice market for children, Capri-Sonne, has launched a national consumer promotion tagged ‘Fun Alarm Promo.’

The promo gives opportunities to win free gifts inside every carton of all variants of Capri-Sonne that they buy while the promo lasts. 

Cartons will contain gift items which can vary from carton to carton. The gift items ranges from Pencil Cases, Rulers, Colourful Stickeez and lots more. 

Consumer engagement platforms such as trade activations in open markets and consumer activations like taste trials in schools and shopping malls has commenced in various cities to connect with the consumers.

According to Managing Director, Chi Limited, Deepanjan Roy, “We are confident that – the Capri-Sonne Fun Alarm Promo will resonate with children across Nigeria, will create the excitement and fun that Capri-Sonne is known for, by offering experiences children love to engage in”.