‘Our Best Friend’s Wedding’ Holds in Lagos


Mary Ekah

‘Our Best Friend’s Wedding’, a web series produced by Mr. Olawale Adetula founder of TheNakedConvos.com, was last weekend premiered in Lagos. The series tells with intrigue and suspense the story of a young man who when he was about turning 30, decided to get married and so got his two women best friends to help him find a wife.

The show, which premiered at the Filmhouse, Lekki, Lagos, takes off with the journey of how Charles (Adebola ‘Illrymz’ Olowu), the young man in question, went through different girls, all the obstacles, and the ups and down he encountered along the way and all of that. We also get to see the lives of his friends too and all the different things that happened to them along the line.

Explaining the main message behind the web series, Adetula said his website, where young people meet and easily express themselves on relationships, music, movies, health, sports, news and entertainment as well as write about their experiences in life, has had a lot of people put up various stories and other things on it. “Apart from having these stories on the website, we felt that we should also produce them into web series, movies and all of that. And so we took one of the stories and produced it into this web series called, “Our Best Friend’s Wedding”. The series is very Nigerian and it tells you a story every young Nigerian can relate to,” he said. Even though the web series emanated from Adetula’s TheNakedConvos.com, he stressed that it wasn’t a true-life story but a fiction. “It is not a true life story but has some real life elements and anybody that watches the series will probably see his/herself in one of the characters,” he noted. ‘Our Best Friend’s Wedding’, is Adetula’s first in terms of web series but before now he had adapted one of the stories on TheNakedConvos.com for a stage play, ‘Colour Me Man’ which was done two years ago and was also well received. “After ‘Colour Me Man’, we felt we should go for a web series and after this we may go for a full movie production and all of that,” he added.

On what informed the choice of the casts for the series, who basically are new faces in the field, Adetula said, “We wanted fresh faces, people who have not acted before so that they would bring in that passion into and so we conducted a wide audition across the industry and we got a lot of people who were acting for the first time, and even though the casts is made up of people who are acting for the first time, it is also a mixture of those who have been in the industry for a little while as well.”

Adetula, who said the series is co-produced with RedTv, described it as a “Romantic Dramedy”. He therefore said Nigerians should expect a lot drama, comedy and a little bit of romance and most especially entertainment from it. He noted that the movie, which is the second in its series, would be showing on RedTv YouTube every Thursday at 4pm. The series stars Adebola ‘Illrymz’ Olowu, Oreka Godis, Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi, Chris Attoh, Timi Charles-Fadipe, Unamka Marycolette, Yewande Lawal, Sarah Boulos and Theo Lawson.